Give me shudders in a whisper

Perhaps she should leave him out there for a while, to help him understand the mistake he made. A little cruel, perhaps, but as my SO says: sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Not that she’s in favour of actually being kind, you understand, but she likes to cover all the bases.
I always try to be brave in session, as they say it’s only through failure that we really learn.
Actually, a well-trained python can provide an exciting twist to bondage play – or to a tight-lacing scene, for that matter.
I once bought a blow-up sex doll and it was actually a much more realistic experience than I’d expected – the shipping company delivered it to some other guy to fuck and charged me extra for the meal he had delivered.
Actually, there really ought to be a ‘k’ in electrode, as it’s from the greek ‘ἤλεκτρον’ meaning amber. I once dated a girl called Amber and as she was clamping the wires onto my genitals, I realised what an odd coincidence that was and was just about to point it out, when she flicked the switch and obviously then I was far too busy writhing, screaming and desperately pleading for mercy to say anything. Then she put it on a timer and went home. So it wasn’t, like, a serious relationship or anything but I think of her fondly.
She’s much misunderstood. And she so dislikes being misunderstood – just ask Gordon.

Apropos nothing whatsoever, I thought this was very lovely. She can definitely come to my funeral dressed like that! No, hang on, erm… someone else’s funeral that I’m at…. but not someone so close to me I’d be too sad to perve. Oh, heck it doesn’t even need to be a funeral at all.

18 thoughts on “Give me shudders in a whisper”

  1. SI totally surrender my
    H hmind,body,and my soul
    She is to Her,my everything there is my reality, servitude to a cruel and sadistic Beauty who is 3 times as Young,but vastly Superior to me in all aspects of Life, 🙏 i worship how much better She is.

  2. Yesterday I could no post here.
    I wanted to say that sex life of men should be public, maybe a QR or something like that

    1. Mine can be as public as anyone likes, Maria, because nothing ever really happens. But I suppose that fact could be more publicly announced, with a badge or some such.

      Best wishes


        1. I was more thinking of something resembling those signs proclaiming 110 days since the last accident, or suchlike, Maria.

          Best wishes


          1. Wow. That would be awesome too.
            Can you imagine the conversations?
            And if it shows the info in real time?

    1. Never have. But prostate stimulation leads to repeated climaxes, no crashing after climax, and a wonderful sensation over-all one’s body, and a feeling of bliss. Much greater than penis orgasm. Wave of future.

      1. Sounds lovely, Alberto. Sadly, the only all-over body sensation I’m allowed to feel is a deep chill, under the cold shower.

        Best wishes


        1. I’m glad to hear that.

          Cold showers enhance circulation, improve immune system and are one of the best ways to deal with male sexual desires (much cleaner and hygienic than the old patriarchal ways)

          1. No doubt, Maria.

            Acording to my SO, they also have the beneficial effect of making the recipient shriek and plead helplessly for it to stop, which can be amusing.

            Best wishes


    2. I have been made to simulate sex with blow-up dolls, in session with pro-dommes. Or – on one memorable occasion with a very creative Lady in London – a blow-up toy crocodile.

      Best wishes


  3. When I was younger,me and other friends made a very horny virgin boy fuck a inflatable doll with the excuse of evaluating his amatory techniques.
    We laught a lot, cheer him, in the begining, and jeer ,at the end.
    All of us decided that we would never had sex with him…

  4. Also , for different reasons,I had made my boyfriend fuck a doll, using a strap on.
    At least he can endure a lot of time, that way…

  5. 1st caption: He probably got the idea that he could just decide to disobey you and leave the house without permission from one if those silly “mens lib” groups. She needs to grill him for more info, hopefully he’ll comply, so she doesn’t have to bring out that thick menacing belt.

  6. Last caption: They should take it from the dude she was previously in a relationship with. She wanted to dominate him, even wanted to bend him over and peg him I recall. Well now he’s with a big muscle bound woman serving her in a maid uniform.

    *I remember this was in one of your older captions. Dude ended up getting subdued by a big strong woman.*

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