Cruelty is its own reward

…but you often still have to pay her for it.

I suppose there comes a point when, if she’s gradually cut away every piece of you that isn’t your genitals, there’s only the genitals left. But then isn’t that equivalent to castrating you? Interesting philosophical question, there, to help you while away the time as you dangle in mute agony.
She has a low boredom threshold, so best not to keep going on about it.
My pain tolerance level has increased slightly over the years but unfortunately so has my SO’s.

Sharp-eyed readers (or just those who spend a lot of time wanking on the Internet) will of course recognise the lovely Goddess Mina Thorne.

You’ll soon learn about what’s important to her and what isn’t.
When they talk later, I expect she’ll need to release a lot of that anger and he’ll need – will desperately need – to release other things.
Actually, in a sense he’s getting off lightly. He was sentenced to 35 years but he’ll actually only have done 34 years, 364 days and about 12 hours. Lucky bastard, I hope he appreciates it.

15 thoughts on “Cruelty is its own reward”

  1. Good news amongst all the cruelty. Lucy Love out of the UK is a computer driven image of the perfect woman, while its (her) AI sends men wonderful messages. Men’s fantasies are on fire. The producers are already getting over 2000 pounds per month from male subscribers.
    There’s hope.

    1. The trouble is, Alberto, although males may enjoy the thought of AI-generated women, AIs are already entirely capable of being annoying thoughtless and lazy – to such an extent that it is hard to tell them apart from men. So if any of the two sexes is likely to find itself replaced, I doubt it will be the fairer, more intelligent one.

      Best wishes


  2. 4th caption: Dude should write her orders down or something so he can’t forget how she likes things for crying out loud. I’d certainly be very detailed in it, if it prevents a beating. Just saying..

    1. Exactly. She’s not a “monster” as she says. She’s just being female.

    2. But she might take offence at your constantly consulting your notes, Squaw, mightn’t she? After all, if you actually have to look it up… what does that say about how seriously you’re taking her wishes? A little thoughtless, hmm?

      Plus, women are allowed to change their minds – and to change ours too, obviously.

      Best wishes


      1. I mean, waiters take notes too. That would be my excuse. She shouldn’t take offence to a common practice. She is of course allowed to change her mind, and mines as well, as long as its with in reason. She claims she’s not a sadistic monster, then she wouldn’t use such a nitpicky excuse to beat me, right?

  3. Women are so cruel. Is this why more men are gender transitioning into women ?

    1. A question well above my pay grade, Alberto. As I suppose are most questions, as I’m not paid anything, but that one particularly.

      Best wishes


  4. Why men ,in porn, are always whipped in the back, and usually not really hard?

    (without taking into account that few times is a handsome pretty man)

    1. Handsome hunks already get plenty of action. Unattractive males do porn, as that is the only interaction they have with pretty females.

      1. True. Some ladies like males with low pain thresholds, too, of course, whether as foreplay or the main course, so to speak.

        Best wishes


  5. I’m picturing a sci-fi sub who is just a brain in a jar connected with wires and tubes to a rather small and highly tormented set of male genitalia.

    1. Yup. Essence of man; reduced to the two basic elements to provide sexual pleasure to women: genitalia and pain receptors.

      Best wishes


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