Any flavour except vanilla

… or raspberry ripple.  I really hate raspberry ripple.  

Goodness, I hope none of the dommes with whom I  have the honour of serving from time to time read this blog and find out my little secret.  They might force me to eat raspberry ripple ice cream in session.  How awful that would be!

Monthly renewal of chastity
‘We’ are indeed trying.  Fortunately, only one of ‘us’ has to succeed, doesn’t she?

CNFM shopping
You ever had one of those dreams?  When you’re naked, surrounded by a hundred jeering, mocking beautiful women?  And you can’t speak and you can’t seem to run, but then you have to do a little dance for them and… and then you wake up.  And realise it was only a dream?  Always such a fucking disappointment.

Femdom space programme
She’s been working too on a better recovery system.  Crashing into a net is fine but it’s just not very… fetish, you know?  So she’s been working on something involving combining an aircraft carrier’s ‘arrestor hook’ system, with various anal toys.  All top secret just now, I’m afraid, so I don’t know any more details than that.
This is the divine Mistress Ezada Sinn, if you didn’t know that already

Lovely Clara
Lucky George.  Sharp-eyed observers of more than one ‘scene’ might spot a reference here to an earlier post.

Boyfriends, eh? Always spoiling the fun! Why can’t she just do her own beating up? I’d go for that. I’d even pay.

0 thoughts on “Any flavour except vanilla”

  1. While I typically enjoy your blog, this post gives me no choice but to break character… In what actual shop do they allow you to enter naked?

  2. Well, I don't know do I? I mean, I didn't take the photo. I stole, erm sorry, 'artistically enhanced' it after finding it on the Internet. But there's quite a few of those CFNM shots apparently taken in public. Maybe they claim it's an artistic happening.

    Anyway, I would draw your attention to the disclaimer to the right: "Many femdom sites on the web come in for criticism for a lack of realism. Rest assured that nothing here is intended to be realistic in the slightest degree."

  3. But you know the old saying, don't you? If it's on the internet, it must be true.

  4. I like the naked guy out shopping with the Mrs.
    Shows a certain level of 'respect for her wishes'.

    Also wanted to thank you for linking to my blog.
    It's pretty new and I appreciate any readers I get!


  5. Yes, of course it is. Except this blog.

    Incidentally, by a most remarkable series of coincidences I have come into possession of rights to the estate of the late dictator of Falafond. You don't happen to have a bank account I could park the money in, do you? Then we can split the proceeds and spend them on being whacked by ladies wearing leather.

  6. Respect…Yeah – maybe. That or mind-altering drugs.

    I like your blog. That's why I link to it! Keep on surrenderin'

    All the best


  7. Thank you.
    As you know I like yours too.
    Although visiting it frequently does sometimes make my 'honor chastity' more difficult…


  8. And she has used a little hypnosis so that he becomes fiercely erect when he sees high heeled shoes. I do hope he cleans that case after rubbing against it and trying to copulate with the stilettos.


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