Thank goodness for modern anaesthetics

Speaking of modern anaesthetics, for those of you into extreme femdom violence, torture and castration, here’s a sweet little move clip I found.

I’m encouraged already, actually.

…and if I do?

You can download an app that’ll translate any length of text into morse code.  She discovered that the next day…

The annual performance reviews can be a bit brutal.

0 thoughts on “Denagratrix”

  1. luv these but the bonus structure is so confusing, I'd be looking to resign and become a homemaker in a house coat and curlers ­čśë


  2. "…minimum one month waiting period"?! And after all this, men complain that women don't care enough about them? Pigs, ungrateful pigs!

  3. Oh, the office world isn't for everyone furcoat. Don't worry your little head about it. I'm sure you have a much more fulfilling career doing just what you're good at, at home. Mind you, if ever you want a little pin money and your Head of Household doesn't object, you could always take an early morning cleaning job – or work in the canteen as a waitress.

  4. Yes indeed, Alex. She's thought a lot about their masturbation schedule, believe me. She hasn't thought about it quite so often as they have, admittedly, but she has thought about it a lot. I think her decision was very wise, and fair.

  5. Of course there would be not many 50 and over with the recruitment policies of the firm. So the average number of orgasms would remain higher than at first thought. Combining the two events release & discipline could save precious work time too. Femsup

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