A study in scarlet

I don’t know what word that is and I don’t want to.  For some reason, it brings back painful memories.

I’ve often thought its odd how confident dommes often are about what we subs can take or not, given that they’ve usually never tried it on themselves.



Try not to make an ass of yourself.


I can be both.  And so much more.


That does sound fun.  I hope she doesn’t charge a fee for taking that half of my income off me, though.  But if she insists, obviously I won’t argue.

 Oh – and in the same theme of the colour red… it took me a while, Furcoat, but I got there eventually. 


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  1. There seem to be some renegades from an early 70's movie in the first picture. I have to tell you we males over here are4 in a tizzy too on whether the new colour is better than the old. But its the pixie/boy cut that had us really talking politics. Femsup

  2. I can't help noticing she's wearing faux fur too… glad you liked it, Furc, but I hope no sissies got… over-excited, shall we say. Miss Hathaway would not approve of that.

    Best wishes


  3. Yes, I understand the New York Times published a special supplement when the 'boy cut' first appeared. Much political discussion can be quite polarising, so it is good when there is something we can all unite around.

    Best wishes


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