Blonde obedience

But I haven’t even asked yet!


Retractable steel blades?  Where’s the fun in that? I prefer her method.


Not really.  Sure: it would have been a turn-on.  But would that have made the beatings any easier to take?




It’s all in the wrist.



To be honest, I didn’t feel like I was running out of things to cry about before.  But I suppose she’s only trying to help.



0 thoughts on “Blonde obedience”

  1. Do you think we could have a day of all castration captions? It would be a fitting conclusion to "No Nut November." I know you already did this with stories as "Cut Short" but what harm can some more do.


  2. A lucky escape! I hope you can find someone to take a look at your lock to make sure it does not happen again.

    Best wishes


  3. No harm as you say, Femsup: I mean, no one could seriously object to the removal of those excrescences. Perhaps we will have a feature some time, but not this month.

    The blog tries to cater to all tastes, as you know, and actually castration is not a universal female fantasy. In fact, I understand a recent survey found that no more than 30% of women regularly fantasise about castrating males, although the number rose to 55% when respondents were asked to recall something annoying a male had recently done. Males themselves often fantasise about it too, but those who have actually tried it say they wouldn't repeat the experience. So, you know, it's not for everyone, is all I'm saying.

    But sometime, no doubt. In the meantime, the wordcloud is your friend.

    Best wishes


  4. One problem I Femsup did not write that though whoever did came up with a good one. And what a splendid reply full of whit. Femsup

  5. Maybe someday I will receive a punishment for my impersonation of Femsup until then Ive gotten off scot free. Counterfeit Femsup

  6. And I am Spartacus… he was a slave, too.

    You know, you two are really going to have to sort yourselves out. You can register on Blogger with an actual name, you know, without giving up any personal info about who you actually are.

    No one knows, for instance, that the real Servitor is actually a very famous and successful Hollywood actor, who has every prospect of marrying and serving the divine Anne, some day. I keep that to myself and let everyone assume I'm some random little Internet pervert and deluded fantasist…

  7. Well, I wouldn't know, would I? I can't tell the difference between the two. You might be the fake Femsup, for all I know. Perhaps there never was a real Femsup; perhaps like Spartacus you are legion.

    Although after a while I imagine I could tell the difference between real and fake, from the style as well as the encyclopedic knowledge of thios blog's decade of wittering.

    But it would really help if you (or someone) took out a Google account under a fake name…

    Best wishes

    Servitor (or am I…?)

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