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  1. Woot! What Tom said.
    Particularly love that last one. That look and outfit really works beautifully with the text.

  2. I do indeed – you and others – so I post them whenever I can. And I love making them but it's not always easy, so that's not very often. Hey ho, supply and demand. Plus, there's floors to scrub, obviously.

    Best wishes


  3. Woot and LOL indeed. Getting the image actually to match the caption is sometimes the tricky bit. Fortunately, sometimes the caption suggests itself the moment I see the image. If it's the other way around, and I am searching through my substantial, ahem 'image collection', it can take hours.

    Fortunately the lovely lady at the bottom (who went to a rather 'progressive' school herself but – you'll be pleased to hear – proved to be a quick learner, indeed a natural, once her husband had finally stammered out his 'needs') is from a site that publishes almost nothing but hundreds of photos of ladies in period dress. My Downton Domination series would be nothing without it… but I suspect the photographer would not approve of this particular use of his work, so I do not link to his site.

    Best wishes


    PS this blog is nearly 10 years old! Almost as old as Femdom Resource… not as old as The Edge of Vanilla! Not as dead as Tiresome Tropes! There will be celebrations of a sort around the end of January… no idea what, though.

  4. Sadly, Tiresome Tropes is dead because Tumblr killed it – along with my other blogs going back over 10 years, and more than 25k followers.

    I tried resurrecting it, but that one got killed off, too. I stopped beatiing my head against that particular wall.

    Kudos on 10 years of sneaking in a few moments to entertain us between your floor scrubbing and dish washing.

  5. A very foolish and shortsighted move on Tumblr's part. With Poorly-dressed Dominatrix and Editor Domme gone too, who is left gently to mock conventions and bad takes in our cosy little subculture? I realise Tumblr have their own commercial interests, but they have an important social responsibility here too.

    And I speak as someone who often found the outfits on TT or Poorly-dressed Dominatrix rather erotic.

    Ah well.

  6. I'm trying to remember that one Turning Point caption you did where the lady was reading a book about a domineering governess from the victorian era who falls in love with the boy she was in charge of. It was apparently a real book.

  7. Indeed it was. And still is. The English Governess, by John Glassco. Also called Harriet Marwood: Governess.

    And it's even available for free, here: https://archive.org/details/harrietmarwoodgo0000glas/page/n9/mode/2up. Possibly some other places too. I certainly downloaded a pdf of it once, so you could Google around.

    I'd like everyone to note what good things happen to people who comment here. See: we can occasionally have nice things. And that book is a very, very nice thing. I envy you, Mr Chavez, reading it for the first time.

    Best wishes


  8. …update – I've just checked and I don't have a free copy. I bought it for Kindle on Amazon. But it's just, y'know: normal book price. Save up a few weeks of pocket money and you should be able to afford it. Or beg the woman who looks after the family money to buy it for you.

  9. I still can't understand "what relevance that can possibly have to his inability to engage successfully in sexual intercourse with her".

  10. No, I don't understand it either. What can traditional methods of British education possibly have to do with his being able to perform, sexually? I hope he manages to explain himself. After all, if he just stands in front of her, red with embarrassment, fidgeting like a naughty schoolboy, she's probably just going to get cross with him – as she so easily does – and I can't see that helping at all.

    But we'll never know… some things are just destined to remain mysterious, I suppose.

    Best wishes


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