Unreasonable demands

She’s embarrassed now… but don’t worry, she has coping techniques for that.




Now come on – man up.  Remember what you all discussed at the last encounter group?  No, no I don’t mean the bit about ironing pleats – about standing up to your wives?  Yeah?  Right then.  Hang on – where are you going?  You can’t stand up to her on your knees!  Oh for goodness’ sake…



My SO and I have a consensual relationship.  I didn’t want to but she insisted.

They’d starve to death, I expect.  I mean, more of them would than when the Ladies actually are there, anyway.




This photo is actually a rather sophisticated optical illusion.  Many men, seeing it for the first time, don’t notice the slice of pizza, the big red cup, the bottles of water or the coffee maker – even after staring at it for hours.  Something to do with how the brain processes images, I understand.


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  1. Second caption: Yes, because if she has to find out from her friends, instead of from you, about this mens lib spiel, then I'm sure she won't be as 'easy going' as she usually is, and start putting hands on you.

  2. I wonder that in the near future there might be Cosplay of both Cruella & the OWK and the males will have to get especially muddy and emaciated in one and muddy and porcine in the other. Femsup

  3. I think that's a great way to introduce future societal changes gently for the slavery-reluctant male.

    "Here, pop these restraints on… don't worry, it's just cosplay! Mmm.. that shock collar looks great on you! Let's just activate it so the little LEDs glow to make it as realistic as possible…"

    Best wishes


  4. Yes, I'm very lucky. At least she is merciful in her punishment if I don't hide anything from her. Nicer than the other wives for sure.

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