Firmly-held opinions

Tsk.  And he’s hardly even made an effort to look smart, either.  Men!

A Rose by any other name…

If the weights do tear the ring out and make a nasty mess, I think we all know whose fault that will be, don’t we subbie?  Yes, yes we do.

If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

One advantage is that only the very best nurses work in the RPU.  It’s very competitive – you’ll be in the hands of the elite; a much more professional standard of care than you could normally expect with a silly old ingrowing toenail.






4 thoughts on “Firmly-held opinions”

  1. ­čÖé We could use more nurse captions. This time, maybe it's about a male patient that finds out his nurse is the same lady that used to bully him in school, making him do her homework, give him wedgies. Could be a hospital nurse, home care nurse. Doesn't matter.

  2. We could always use more nurse captions. The world could use more nurse captions. I will do my best – it's a lovely idea. The world needs more female bullies in school too (as long as they bully only males, obviously) – it's a skill that our present educational system undervalues.

    Best wishes


    1. I understand both operations he underwent were complete successes, Mr A, although for the second one I understand the surgeon was initially puzzled as to what she was supposed to remove, until she checked the patient notes a little more carefully and saw it was an in-growing toenail. Not actually her surgical speciality, but she did a very professional job, so all’s well.

      Best wishes


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