Boss ladies

I understand in most modern social media platforms it’s just one of the standard tickboxes when you sign up.  Of course, you can always choose “Don’t like to say” or “It’s complicated!”

A really skilled domme can plant a billiard ball right up a slave’s anus from the far side of the table.

If it’s any consolation, the male warders are all very nice indeed, as long as the inmates are nice to them.

Love’s often not enough.

When they called the next day, she had a glass of wine and a vibrator ready. You know: just to help her cope with the trauma.

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  1. "…And then she got married a second time and looked forward to calling the kidnapper."
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. These "men,"
    All emasculated and snipped,
    Scrotums dangling empty,
    Think to question my word?

    As they crawl on all fours, I stand
    Above them, smiling, tools in hand.

    I have much love for you Servitor.


  3. No, actually, she married the kidnapper. Which made his own abduction, two years later, so deliciously ironic. "Not the fingers! Not the fingers!" he begged, apparently, and they were indeed kind enough to leave his fingers alone for a long time.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, Alessandra. And what a delightful poem.

    I can only imagine the many sweet ways in which your love for me might be expressed.


  5. Its funny because I too thought She should have recourse to use of a vibrator. Must be starting to think in domme mode. Live with them get like them Femsup

  6. It's funny, actually, my SO remarked just the other day that whenever she sees me, she suddenly gets nervous that maybe her vibrator's running out of batteries. Dates back to our honeymoon, which would have been ruined had I not found an all-night service station just five blocks from our hotel. A lucky break for both of us, really.

  7. Brilliant Servitor. Even your comments in reply to ours are superior to nearly all others. Femsup

  8. Oh, I just write down what happens to me. They say you should write what you know, and that's what I do. It's kind of like keeping a diary – I'm surprised it's of interest to others, really.

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