Equal rights for men

Some people have misunderstood my position on rights for men, so I am happy to set the record straight.  I believe all men deserve to be treated in exactly the same way.  All of my writings here demonstrate that same commitment, I think you’ll find.

He’s going to be changing his name, of course, as a married man.  She just hasn’t yet decided what to change it to, that’s all.

Yup… I can hardly wait!  And yet I do.

The branding incident was a bit unfortunate – just goes to show the dangers of handling red-hot iron carelessly – but thankfully no one important was hurt.

See what I mean about equal rights?  Free healthcare, right here.  Males get free education too – lots of it.

Don’t worry: she won’t tell anyone where you are.

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  1. Yup… I can hardly wait! And yet I do.

    I can personally attest that there are, umm, diminishing returns on that waiting thing. Probably one of the reasons why it's no longer allowed.

  2. They say practice makes perfect. But then 'they' say a great many things, don't they, that don't always make sense?

    I expect she knows what's best, Tom. Everything will be OK in the end, so if it's not OK it's not the end. 'They' say that too.

    Best wishes


  3. Honey do you remember that thing you used to do with James? That thing when you both sucked and licked? Well, I told Aaron you would do that this morning, ok? What are you waiting for , babe, go upstairs,remember to call him sir, ok?

    Hi Aaron, was he a good girl? Pardon? Yes, I knew you would like it. Pretty intense, huh? Did he thank you? Oh good, such a good boy.

    Aaron went off to work and I was ready to go!

    Now babe remember you are going to be really busy this weekend. Aaron is staying along with my sister and her husband. We'll talk tonight about menus and what I expect from you, ok? Don't worry, you'll cope or you'll be caned. It's simple really. Good boy…..see you tonight.

    As I drive I consider whether it was a good idea to let hubby give Aaron a bj….too late now.


  4. Sounds like Aaron is being pampered in all sorts of ways, I do hope he appreciates it, Ms Zoe. Some males can be so unfeeling; it's a congenital problem.

    Best wishes


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