Downton on your knees

Sorry about that.  I find it hard to resist a pun, no matter how bad. If only there were someone who could mete out painful consequences for such lapses of judgement on my part… whom I could pay to judge me, find fault and punish me. But obviously no such profession exists, so I suppose I’ll just carry on.

Anyway, Downton day today!  I won’t say where I got the photos. You might recognise the sytyle, I’ve used similar before.  The photographer has a lot more on his web site and I’m sure you can find it but probably best not to jump there straight from this site as I doubt he would appreciate this particular use of his images.  I wouldn’t want to have to take this post down … ton.

P.S.  Nothing at all to do with Downton but Oh My Goddess  look at this

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  1. That 4th one looks like a young Anne Widdicombe. It would be cruel of me to say she was 20 in the 20's. But how much better if She had had a full blown lesbian romance instead of being the Tory sexless celibate sexuality hater that she is. Femsup

  2. I am not at all sure what a young Anne Widdicombe would look like. 'Young Anne Widdicombe'. It's like 'terrestrial shark' or 'steel tissue paper' – the words on their own make sense but the concept is hard to visualise. Or – more in keeping with the theme of this blog – 'responsible adult male'.

    You know, the non-British majority who 'read' this blog might be going off to Google right now to find out who is this attractive Anne we're discusing, of whom they've not previously heard. That'll test their masochism. Hard limit for me.

    If it's any consolation the lady in the picture is frightfully too grand to wish to have anything to do with a political career. One has to pretend to like the oiks – can you imagine?


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