You let that little thing tell you what to do?

Probably you’ve already been to see it, queuing overnight to be first in, then staying right to the end of the credits and helping clean up all the spilled popcorn (wearing your little maid’s dress – it looks good on you, actually) but – just in case you haven’t – go and see the movie, OK?

Because, if you’re a reader of this blog who’s ever fantasised about being protected by a powerful, wise and beautiful woman, then – hang on what am I talking about?  Of course you are. To put it more simply: if you’re a reader of this blog… just go and see the movie if you haven’t already.

And yes, the quote in the title is a double-entendre.  Chris Pine has never looked so vulnerable, not even here.

I suppose you don’t even need captions when there’s this:

or this

or this

 or even this (looks like someone forgot his safeword)

But I’ve done a few anyway:

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  1. Me thinks that this should be a great theme to keep going as long as WONDER WOMAN is showing in theaters and then on to BLU RAY and finally TV. Amazing job on all these. I knew it was coming but what a great surprise.

  2. if you watch Wonder Woman before watching The Devil Wears Prada a dozen more times you are disrespecting Anne and deserve the snip!

  3. Looks red face well its not a secret. Now if they were to show all the men bottomless she would recognise him instantly with him being all shredded and the like. I wonder if She and the crew wondered how Tom managed to last so long in the desert without water. We know he was drinking the washing water from Her clothes but they don't. Great inspiration to Women and Girls for a heroine who stands in Her own right. Femsup

  4. Thank you for your comment. I think Wonder Woman might be playing to packed – if slightly furtive – audiences for a while to come.

    Yes, sooner or later someone will post some high quality screen caps that aren't from the trailer. Be assured, Contemplating the Divine will be ready.

  5. I've always been a bit of a Polytheist as far as women worship is concerned. It just means I gave to spend twice as long on my knees.

    Now I can't help noticing that Catwoman and Wonder Woman are both DG Comics characters. I think if there were to be a movie featuring both, I might have to make sure my will is up to date and all my afairs properly in order (my vast colection of porn, for example, is going to the British Library) because I doubt my heart could cope with the experience.

  6. Thank you Femsup. Oh, Tom's just Tom, you kmow? All the girls on set know about Tom. To be honest, sometimes I think they bully him a little, but he doesn't seem to take it to heart.

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