Sexual politics

Sorry to bore you with political stuff, but a few more images from the campaign of 2020 and its aftermath have come to my attention, so I thought I’d put them out as a public service.  Remember: this is not the only future.  It’s up to us – well, actually it’s up to our Significant Others – to decide whether it’ll happen the hard or the harder way.

Don’t worry, they’re buying equipment for girls’ schools too.  Scanning electron microscopes, 3D printers, gene sequencing tools… that kind of thing. 

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  1. OH YES. I have been waiting for these for weeks. I can't wait for 2020 and President Hathaway. You can't stop doing these and helping to make this the true reality. Hail President Hathaway for life.

  2. a lot of men will cast their last ever vote for Anne, as the hardline fem supremacist candidates are even scarier

  3. I really really like these days under President Hathaway and Her supporters. Standards and expectations have improved and it wasn't all plain sailing. Remember the scandal of the lack of brine water to keep the canes supple when pupils and male teachers suffered splinters from defective canes. She took a lot of flack for that but President Hathaway pressed for funding and more efficient distribution of the brine. Femsup

  4. And when Her ministers and Her pressed for a change from imperial measures to metric. Many Women felt pangs of nostalgia for the 6 of the best to be given by public servants like Female teachers and traffic wardens but are now being won over by the multiple of 10 now being awarded to miscreant males. Femsup

  5. And yes Womyn need a safe space at night and the increase in rowdy Womyn is far less than the loss of obnoxious rowdy males. Male lobbyists have begged for Womyn to not pass legislation that would have them in bed often before their Daughters. They argue that how can they pull the rickshaw to pick up their Daughters from parties and evenings out if they cannot go out after 8. Its a hard argument to refute knowing how President Hathatway so strongly advocates ecological use of male strength such as the pulling of rickshaws. The relaxing sound of the hiss of the whip on men's skin as the hiss of wheels travel round is often favourably remarked upon late at night after Women and escorted males travel home. Femsup

  6. That's because you, like me, are a very weird person. We both ought to be getting turned on by low-budget videos of fit young people bonking away for hours, and yet here we are getting off on the process of policy formation…

    Mind you, I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for the comment, and the compliment.

  7. Ah, no, I'm not with you there, Mr A. Well, I am on the 'can't wait' bit obviously. But I think all this needs to occur strictly according to the consitution. Suitably amended to make sure that only people of the right sex have rights and votes, obviously. One of the links right at the start of this psost shows the effects of a more… vigorous approach to seizing power, and I'm afraid it's not a pretty sight.

    Worst thing is, there will be even more published here from that fascistic alternate reality next Friday – awful, I know, but what can I do?

  8. And the anti fem-suprems are even worse. Imagine putting males in charge! It would be funny if it weren't so scary. You know, we have a lot to thank President Knavs for, as well as (obviously, and beseechingly) spending the rest of our lives thanking the divine Anne.

  9. True that. She took the flak, but I think some of her male appointees had to take a bit of stick for those screw-ups too. Still, all is well now, and the sounds of good education being firmly delivered can be heard across the country.

    I understand they're thinking of establishing a life-long learning scheme too.

  10. Yes. I saw a opinion poll that showed that men overwhelmingly supported the change to metric, when they were told that their penises would be longer in centimetres than they were in inches. This – and everything else – shows why men have such difficulty try to keep up with the complex feminine society that is today's world, and shows that female supremacy is just good, common, female sense.

  11. Goodness me, Femsup, it must have taken you ages to type all these comments! And with only one hand too. Much appreciated, of course, as ever.

    Women need safe spaces. It's not too difficult to designate a space inside any home where men cannot go unless under strict supervision. In my SO's house, for example, 'everywhere outside the cage' is designated in this way.

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