An unfair crack of the whip

It’s the best kind.

Oh, I don’t know. He looks enviably lucky to me.
She’s quite wrong about that: Mark will derive no sexual pleasure at all from spanking you. He’s actually rather gentle and vanilla when it comes to sex, despite his aggressive and violent persona.
I think it shows a lack of ambition on her part, assuming you’ve fucked up like that. My SO wants me to excel in my work, and is never satisfied with anything other than a perfect 10 on all my tasks. One day perhaps I’ll even manage it.
Their service takes care of the basic everyday money extraction aspects of findomme, leaving ladies to concentrate on what they’re really good at: spending it.
Oh well, as long as I’m not the only one dressed like that. Don’t you just hate it when you turn up to some event and you’re the only one naked except for your collar and leash? I know I do.

4 thoughts on “An unfair crack of the whip”

    1. Thank you, Ms Diane. No doubt, but what if the way you are severely restricts movement or would be in violation of all kinds of public decency laws? Dressing up (or down) can be complicated. I mean, I don’t mind accompanying my SO to make a ‘Mistress and Slave’ couple at fetish events, but I do wish she’d let me take a change of clothes for the journey home – or at least give me enough money for a taxi rather than having to take the bus. Still, nothing wrong with turning up to almost any event in a sweet frilly frock, holding a paddle for anyone who wants to have a go.

      Best wishes


  1. I was talking to Max, my sissy slave husband, about an upcoming dinner party I am hosting. We went through a possible menu and talked about who would be coming and what I would wear. I love having my friends around for supper. There is so much fun and laughter and flirting and lovely home cooked food.

    ”High goddess, may I ask if your friend Ahmed will be coming?”

    ”No, honey. We had two dates and I decided he is not good enough for me. I wont be seeing him again. Now, do you think you could get some fresh asparagus on the day? That would be wonderful. I have asked my sister, Rachel and her husband, my friend Clare and her girlfriend, Tom and his sister, Anna. So, with me, that is seven, ok?”

    ”Yes high goddess, of course high goddess. May I ask a question High goddess?”

    ”Sure, is it about the dinner party?”

    ”No, ma’am. As you have said I have been a good boy recently I wonder if my discipline caning could be cancelled. I know it is not a punishment caning, but it is as painful and I wonder, as we a re sleeping together, I could be excused it this month, ma’am?”

    ”Don’t be silly Max. You know I never shirt my duties. It is important that each month you are caned to remind you of your place in this marriage. If I said ”let us cancel it” it would be like me saying I don’t love you enough to discipline you, understand?”

    ”Yes ma’am. Of course, high goddess. Of course. ”

    Max cuddled up to me and I gently touched his beautiful c**k in its pink cage. He dribbled slightly and I smiled at him and kissed him full on the lips.

    The dinner party was a great success. Max served us and was allowed to kiss feet, both male and female, and worship his betters. One of the topics of conversation was the trend to own a ‘high achieving sissy slave’. These are sissy boys who have a University Degree or other high qualification and who are house slaves just like my darling Max. My friend Savannah has a slave who has a Physics Degree from Oxbridge. He kisses feet and he loves to clean bottoms and worship us but he is very clever too. Sometimes Savannah tells him to explain to her friends one of the ‘laws of physics’.

    ”If it please you goddess, Isaac Newton’s physical law of gravity states that an object, high princess, attracts another object in direct proportion to their combined mass, if you will allow, and inversely related to the square of the distance between them. High princess. May I worship your feet now?”

    ”That is so funny, Savannah. Your sissy is so cute with his ‘another object’ and his ‘inversely related’. What does that even fu**ing mean, Savannah?”

    ”You may kiss and worship my feet, sweetie.”

    ”Sissy, tell us again about that light thing you said last week. It was so freaky. A sissy knowing this stuff. I love this fashion for clever sissy slaves.”

    ”Go on, Sissy, tell us that thing again, so funny.”

    ”High princess, the Principle of Constancy of the Speed of Light is as follows ma’am, Light always propagates through a vacuum at a definite velocity, which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. High princess.”

    ”what? What the fu*k does that mean, sissy?”

    ”High goddess. May it please you, it means that when light travels in a vacuum it goes constantly at the same speed, high princess. You are all so divinely pretty, I am an unworthy sissy who knows stuff about physics I only deserve to serve you in anyway that pleases you Goddess Savannah and Goddess Anna and Goddess Katie and Goddess Samantha.”

    ”He is such a cute sissy. Go get us coffee, take our orders first, ok?”

    ”Yes high goddess.”

    It was really interesting to hear about high achieving sissies. It is like a sissy with a funny party trick, only it is spouting academic stuff. I enjoyed the story about him explaining physics stuff, so sweet.

    After everyone went home I took Max’s chastity off and put it on my nightstand. I then put a condom on him and made sweet love to him, enjoying immensely his big beautiful c**k.


    1. Sounds like Max wowed you with his intellectual prowess and got a reward, Ms Zoe! Good for him. I occasionally find myself wishing my SO would take the same attitude (instead, her reaction to ‘clever’ statements typically consists of an old-school lesson in not being ‘too clever by half’) but then I remember that I’m not allowed to wish for things and that no one cares what I want anyway, so the mood soon passes.

      In case anyone might think my SO’s attitude is unfair, please note that my initial reaction to the information about Ahmed and the dates was to try to make some kind of contrived pun about how if she didn’t like the dates he had given her, he should have brought her something else like, figs instead. Too clever by half or just stupid and irritating? Or both, even. Honestly, the world is a better place the harder and more frequently I get slapped.

      Best wishes


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