Resolute women

They always make sure that their New Year resolutions are kept.

It’s odd, because generally she prefers to be asked for her approval for everything I do.

Now this one’s just putting on a show of indifference to suit the ‘callous uncaring domme’ persona.  Inside, she’s a swirling mess of worry that licking up cow shit might make you horribly ill, but she is concealing it – true professional that she is.

She does teasing and denial play too.  That’s when you pay her and fuck off, frustrated and lonely.  It’s only very subtly different from the findomme variant, to be honest.

Happiest day of your life, boy.  Remember that.

Looks like she has stuff lying around the house she doesn’t need or want any more.  Many people do, at this time of year.  Best to just take the bold decision to throw it out, rather than leave it cluttering the place up.  She won’t regret it.

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  1. 4th caption: "Happiest day of your life, boy. Remember that."

    She used to bully him in school. She fell in love with how submissive she made him to be and decided to impose marriage on him. So, I bet you his smile had a nervous look to it, as he cowered before his wife with a fear boner, knees wobbly, as he barely uttered a soft "Yes my lady" and walked back with her dutifully. She looks kind of intimidating, and knowing how she used to treat him in school, the spankings, the wedgies, I'm not surprised as to why he is so afraid. He shouldn't want it any other way.

  2. Looks like Frank is going to be stowed for play at the facility, lol!
    The first pic where wife just dismisses hubby with a go blow, don’t bother me is priceless!

  3. Frank here. That’s my lot. Women tease me, deny me, and then toss me away. Not always in a storage container.
    Once she said I was so wonderful and so sexy but I just had to wait. After doing the things she wanted done I was then chucked out without so much as a thank you.

  4. Honey, stop complaining. I didn't lie. I just said that after the New Year I would let you have an unscheduled release from your Chastity CB5000. You have been such a good boy I think you deserve it, but I really don't have time to supervise you in January. You know how busy it gets. This week and next I have to be in London during the day and for the rest of the month I am just too busy. Pardon? No I can't explain, please check your attitude babe. You are being really rude right now.

    You know perfectly well that release is a privilege and not a right. OK, don't be upset. Listen, if you are good I might be able to schedule in 20 minutes tonight whilst I put on my make up for my night out with my sister. I don't usually like to fit you in like that, but it is all I can think of before it gets crazy next week, ok? As it is unscheduled you will wear mittens and not touch yourself. Good boy!

    See, I told you I listen to you and your silly, sissy worries, ok? You were so good over Christmas, everyone said you were a good boy.

    Now, go get me a coffee and dust and vacuum all the guest rooms, ok? Happy face, darling.


  5. You men are such worthless pieces of junk. I love arousing you, you’re so weak and vulnerable then. And next I thoroughly enjoy humiliating and torturing you.

  6. Good morning, honey! I will have coffee and toast, sweetie. Good boy. Did you have a nice time after I went out with my sister last night? OK, that's good. Why the sulky face?

    I know I promised to let you have an unscheduled release from your CB500, honey. You know what happened. I was doing my make up and I called you in to let you have release, but then my sister arrived early. So you let her in, but I couldn't undo your CB5000 with my sister sitting there, so…there we are.

    It really wasn't my fault was it? Was it, honey? No it wasn't. You know it is not a right, but a privilege. Your attitude is making me think it will be a long time before you get to see your little boy clit, honey.

    I know you are sorry, babe. Never mind, be a brave sissy.

    Come and kiss and worship my feet. They are clean from my morning shower.

    Pardon, when will you be released. Well ley me look at my diary. It won't be January, far too busy and I hate fitting you in like I tried last night. I just took pity on you, but it always feels a bit tacky. February and March I am doing a lot of travelling. April is good but the diary could fill up.

    We shall see, honey. Shall we say definitely after March and before my birthday in June. Sound good? Good boy.

    I have to go to work soon, so stop whining and worship my feet.


  7. Thank you, yes. If he knows what's best for him, he'll say yes with a happy heart. And if he doesn't know what's best for him, I'm sure she does and will make sure he doesn't say anything he might regret later. It'll be fine.

    Best wishes


  8. Priceless and yet free, SaraE. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

    Frank won't have access to the Internet where he's going, of course, but I understand the Internet will have access to him. If you know the right codes and places on the dark web to go, you can even watch, I've heard, although don't ask me how or where.

    Best wishes


  9. Ah but you're obviously a different Frank, Frank, as I frankly doubt the other Frank would be free to comment on blogs.

    It's an honour to be chucked out without a thank you, though – goodness, the entitlement of some subs these days. Some of us pay good money for that privilege.

    Best wishes


  10. If it's unscheduled then he shouldn't know when it will be, I would imagine. 'Not today' would be the usual timing, I expect, but you never know – and I don't think he ever should either. But up to Ms Zoe, of course, up to Ms Zoe like so much else in her Honey's life.

    Best wishes


  11. Sissies aren't often brave, in my experience, Ms Zoe. Fortunately, that doesn't matter in the least, to anyone, ever. Definitely after March sounds like an excellent plan and it's to be before some birthday or other isn't it? After all, you have one every year.

    Best wishes


  12. I like to be organised. That is why I keep a diary. Max is a good boy, really he is. He just gets obsessed with being out of his CB5000. I suppose it is natural as it is a very occasion when I allow release, and even rarer when I allow release and touching. Touching is a privilege and must be done under supervision, otherwise who knows what he might do.

    He, of course, hates being watched whilst he looks at and touches his c**k. It is necessary as he must do only as I allow and then be put back in his CB5000. When I first put him away I had heard that his c**k must be washed weekly and that means taking the CB5000 off and me doing the job of cleaning. I mentioned this to a friend who told me that when he showers it will wash his c**k just fine. So, that is what happens now.

    ''Honey, why do you look so worried? What has happened?''

    ''Most High Goddess, I heard you talking about my CB5000 and I am worried you are not going to allow me release. It has been ages, goddess.''

    ''I know, honey. Don't worry I will always consider release when I remember, ok? I am so busy and you are never indifferent to being released, so you just have to be patient.''

    ''Goddess I dropped a mug with tea in it and it smashed on the floor. It was one of your favorite mugs I am so sorry.''

    ''Is that why you look so scared?''

    ''Yes goddess. Sorry goddess.''

    ''Is it cleared away now?''

    ''Yes goddess.''

    ''Good boy for confessing. I will cane you two extra next time. But it will probably be later in the week. You may kiss my stinky gym feet, good boy.''

    ''mmmm High Goddess, your feet are so beautiful. I love mmmm kissing and worshipping them, goddess.''

    ''What do you say when you worship my feet or my p**sy or my ass?''

    ''I am a humble worshipping sissy slave and it is my honour to kiss and worship my moist High Goddess. The perfect one. The pretty one. The wise one. The kind one. The High one. The Goddess of my life. I worship and exalt you. I raise your name high goddess. I want nothing but to be near you and worship you. Most high, beautiful, excellent, kind, merciful, feminine, womanly, perfect goddess. High Goddess I love you. So much.''


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