Nonjudgemental cruelty

Hmmm… nothing springs to mind. Still, as long as the two of you are talking about it, that’s a good start.

There’s also a scheme now to get paid to feed power back into the grid, which might explain why so many dommes these days have started offering treadmill sessions.




All kinds of feelings can be communicated through dance: humiliation, shame, timidity… it’s a very expressive medium.



He won’t be able to afford to pay for any more domination sessions, poor chap, but maybe he’ll have had his fill of that sort of thing by then.


Fortunately it is a mistake that is easy to rectify.  Easy for the person doing the actual rectifying, anyway.



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  1. Oh the joys of aroused frustration from chastity. And the joys of seeing the beaming smile on the face of woman that is going to make me dance with bells tied to my ankles.
    We men have a lot to be happy about as we start a new year !

  2. Yes indeed. Then make sure all of that prosperidad ends up with the señoras, where it belongs.

    Best wishes to all for 2023, except those who thrive on mistreatment and contempt.


  3. A lot to be happy about, but not for long, I hope, Hank. You'd lose that Hank mojo. Or is that Frank?

    Best wishes, anyway.


  4. Bienvenida a 2023.
    She who arouses you and also denies you; that is the woman who controls you.
    Mujeres tienen el poder.

  5. Oh, the dance with ankle bells! How deliciously humiliating!
    Having to do a dance for my wife while wearing Christmas panties with little bells was humiliating enough. Having to do that dance for one of her friends would .. oh my, is my panty tenting? SaraE

  6. if you like (or dread) the idea of being belled and made to dance and recite routines to a group of women, the sub in the 'modern day cinders' femdom eBook series has to do it all the time to earn his orgasms – with the women giving him thumbs up or down on how good he dances routines like ‘I’m a little teapot' or ‘I’m a happy virgin’ or ‘I’m a wannabe wanker’ – they are by MH Macdonald

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