Derogatory remarks

Did everyone get what they  wanted for Christmas? I hope so. I didn’t, not really. But apparently I got what I needed and what I deserved, which I’m given to understand is actually better for me. So that’s nice.

I wonder what she’s talking about. The usual  explanatory notes didn’t come with this one, I’m afraid.

I remember – very soon after I started seeing the lady who became my SO – very nervously broaching the subject of whether she might be prepared to try incorporating a little light spanking play into our bedroom routines. But she wasn’t really up for it. She said she preferred to stick with the bullwhip, shock baton and testicle clamps so I just pretended I’d been joking and I dropped the whole subject. I’ve often wondered how my life might have been different, had she said she’d try it… but it’s no use wishing for what might have been, is it?

Well… sex is important in her work, just as crime is important in a policewoman’s.

It’s going better than she’d dared to hope and she hasn’t even reached the gravel yet.

Oh dear… she’s not exactly trying to make you feel special, is she? But then, you’re not.

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  1. The period between Christmas and New Year is always difficult for Max, my sissy slave husband. There are still friends and relatives around who will be going home early in January. He must, therefore, be alert to any instructions, requests or orders.

    The men are easy to please. Go get a coffee, clean my shoes, I want a turkey sandwich. They sometimes try to impress the girls by how cruel they are, but it doesn't come naturally. Men are more interested in results and in getting a good service.

    My sister, Rachel, my Aunt Lillian, my friends Katy and Deanna, my mummy, Arabella and myself are ultra critical and find reasons to punish him. The 6 of us love our feet being worshipped and have someone do all the household chores. We like a good service but we also like power, bossing a sissy to tears.

    Max can't wait for the New Year. It means an empty house for 2 weeks as I am going away with my mommy and sister to Edinburgh for a break.

    Those of you who know, will notice I haven't mentioned Twombo, my Nigerien man. We have split, he told me by text and just disappeared. His sisters are not responding to me, so I guess he is gone. I have never been a big believer in caning to relieve anger, but I did punish Max for no reason but that I have lost a lovely man, who I really liked.

    Max had 12 of the cane plus he must complete 1000 lines of ''I am owned by Zoe. I am sorry I am not a good enough man.''


  2. That does sound quite difficult for Max, Ms Zoe. I do hope his life doesn't turn around and become any easier in the new year. With you there to help, I am confident it won't.

    Best wishes


  3. S- yes, as with my longer appreciative comment on your prior past, happy new year! We do get that we need, that’s for sure.
    Yes, having one’s browser discovered it what a chastening thing. Changes the relationship very quickly. At least here, too. Certainly I got knocked down a few pegs, gulp. But as you say, needed.

  4. An interesting philosophical question, Tom. I understand that the new field of femdom philosophy is rapidly finding answers to the questions that have puzzled male philosophers for centuries, such as 'What is the meaning of life?' (Easy one: she is) and "If the world was created by a deity, why does pain exist?" (easy again: because the Goddess thought it would be fun). Fortunately for academia, however, new questions are being asked too such as "If a naked slave cries when chained up alone in the forest does anyone hear (or care)?" or "If all men are liars, what's the best way of shutting them the fuck up?"

    Maybe your question should go on the list. Or you could try suing a femdom sex worker for false advertising and see where that gets you.

    Best wishes


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