There is no hunting like the hunting of man

Ernest Hemingway said that and despite his being rather reprehensibly ‘a man’s man’, I think he may have been right.

Yes, it’s more accounts from the dark days of World War M.

And from the days before the darkest days, some glimmers of illumination into how it all started (apart from the more fundamental cause of men just being too annoying for too long, obviously). World War M: Origins.

11 thoughts on “There is no hunting like the hunting of man”

    1. It starts when, after so long of men treating women badly, that now recently women demand to be treated with admiration, that men honor and respect all aspects of her womanhood. Even her leg hair is a thing of beauty.
      Now world war M as women hunt down men and make masculinity serve, admire, and give pleasure to women; that if men don’t they will Pay a heavy price. The new modern era.
      What say you?

    2. Origins, Maria? Oh, there are glimpses throughout. Some are preliminary manoeuvres, others first strikes. A few gentle probing actions, as a sort of foreplay to the main event, perhaps.

      Best wishes


  1. Maria.
    Did you ever take a “trophy” from a man as punishment for brutish sexual behavior, or because of woman’s rights under the sexual revolution ?

      1. WOW! You mean you want to take my balls?
        It’s fairly rare now, but more men are losing their balls voluntarily or by female persuasion or force. I know. Not too long ago a woman wanted to take my balls.

        1. For my dominatrix I have to let go. I surrender. You dominate, I submit. It’s all up to you. You’re in control, not me. For me It’s a rush letting go of control, scary but satisfying. . It’s a deep relationship. You look deep inside of me and I allow you in. You push my limits. When the trust is high, I allow you to hold the fate of my balls in your hands.

          1. Get a room you two… Or a prison camp, or an operating theatre (or an operating theatre in a prison camp), whatever seems most appropriate!

            Best wishes


  2. This lesbian community of women has killed off most of the men, and captured some to serve as male slaves, after harvesting their testicles.
    The women all work and love together. Many take prolactin in order to produce breast milk continuously. They use this milk to nurse each other and to make cheese, etc. This cheese sells for a high price in the outside market, enabling them to buy many things.
    Male slaves who are good are rewarded with some of the breast milk.
    A happy place.

    1. Raises the question of whether such a place is suitable for vegans. Myself, I’m not a vegan by inclination, but I’m not permitted to eat meat, fish or dairy products.

      Best wishes


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