Elegant arrogance

I once told a girl that I was really into sexy lingerie, and I got a full basket – all handwash only! Best date ever.
There’s no right and wrong way to do this sort of thing, of course: her method’s good, too.
My SO obviously has no personal experience of how painful her ‘little toys’ are, but she does like to hear all about it, in as much detail as I can shriek.
I once asked a pro-domme to choose her one favourite fantasy, for our session: whatever she wanted, no holds barred. So we played ‘Pay double and fuck off’, which turned out to be deliciously humiliating.
Trust is very important in a marriage – right up there with obedience.
There’s a tradition that the targets of the winning team get to go out to the winners’ podium with them – well, actually it’s better than that: they get to be the winners’ podium. So you could be in with a chance of participating in the medal ceremony.

18 thoughts on “Elegant arrogance”

  1. Number two
    Pegging/prostate stimulation to make you leak and feel very submissive.

  2. She whips you because she loves you, and knows what’s best for you. Accept it gracefully. Pain with bliss.

  3. Señores
    Modern-day, self-confident woman knows sex is entirely her choice. She can be fickle. Best to spend your energy on other things. She can feel your desire anyway.

  4. Testicles were placed, by nature, so that they could be easy targets for ball busting, one hard kick by her and a man drops to the floor, vomiting and screaming in pain, Also the testicles are placed for very easy removal by her. Female superiority over males! No wonder we always refer to nature as “she”.

  5. 5th caption: A lowly male should never question his wife, for she is made in the image of the mother earth goddess herself. Bow, kiss her feet, and apologize for such insolence, and maybe she’ll go easy on you.

    1. Exactly, Squaw. Sometimes the explanations are too complex for our poor male brains to understand anyway. Last week, for instance, I was beaten for ‘sullenly not smiling’ when she returned home from work one day and for ‘smirking – and being too cocky by half’ the next. Women could readily – perhaps even uncononsciously – have appreciated the difference in the two situations and reacted appropriately, but I doubt I could ever understand the subtleties, so it is wonderful that I have someone to guide me and put me right, every time.

      Best wishes


  6. And easy to tie too.
    With just boots laces I have made boys spend the worst night of their lives

    1. After arousing them while dressed in only lace, watching them shake with such overwhelming desire for you, you proceed to kick their balls into a bloody pulp. After their worst night of Boot Camp, what do you do with them??

        1. I too have spent some difficult times with bootlaces, trying to do them up while finding it hard to thread the holes with shaking hands, under the increasingly impatient gaze of a superior taping the end of her crop against her hand. But no one ever said life’s supposed to be easy.

          Best wishes


  7. A a good ball busting match would need mixed teams.
    The more simple one would be a boy and a girl against a boy and a girl.
    Every girl can kick the other team boy, if the boy scream or moves, his team loses.

        1. Accidents will happen. If boys can’t take the occasional full-on kick to the nuts – or three in a row – they should stay clear of mixed rough sports.

          Best wishes


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