Whips and whims

Don’t forget your morning prayers too.
If love is there, honouring and obeying should come naturally. And if they don’t, I’m sure she can find an alternative means to encourage them.
He has… but here’s only so much misbehaviour you can get up to, muzzled and on a leash.
Don’t worry: she won’t whip you any more than necessary.
My SO finds it very upsetting when our cat catches a mouse and plays with it so cruelly. As she says, there’s a 50% chance the poor little thing is female.
It’s a future-proofed profession, because although technology obviously could automate the basic function of shit-carrying, it could never provide the same satisfaction forcing a male to do that provides to the onlooker.

16 thoughts on “Whips and whims”

    1. Indeed he has, Alberto. Without her even allowing him to do anything sexual. It’s almost like a magic trick.

      Best wishes


  1. I should send CV to one of those reeducation places.
    I mean, maybe not a guard, but I can evaluate if a boy is ready to came back to society or not, for example

          1. Happy men are those who are whipped and disciplined by women

  2. Caption 2: A man that doesn’t honor worship and obey his wife can’t claim to love her. Those three things define what love is for a submissive bitch.

    Caption 5: Maybe she won’t hurt him tok much since he’s been such a good boy lately.

      1. Fun in some ways, but it’s an important job that helps make the world a better place, let’s not forget.

        Best wishes


    1. Wise as ever, Squaw. Unlike the honouring and obeying thing, some people believe that a husband cannot simply be beaten into loving his wife. But it’s just a matter of perseverance and effort, I think.

      As for Caption 5, she’s a very kind and forgiving person in her daily life. Unfortunately, she also takes her professional duties very seriously and is able to suppress those tendencies. But she actually experiences a deep sense of sympathy every time she cracks a bull-whip across the shivering back of a naked inmate carrying a big steaming pile of shit across the snowy prison yard. While also having fun and experiencing a deep sense of professional fulfillment. Fortunately, as a woman, she is capable of complex emotions and thought, so she manages.

      Best wishes


  3. I like your question lol
    For example, simple way to catch a pervert, would be evaluate him totally naked (I would be naked too ,to be fair ).
    I could sit over him, and tell him it is just an exam,that I don’t want sex.
    Of course if he gets a boner, he is a pervert who wants sex ven if I had tell him I don’t, so he deserves a hard punishment.

      1. That depends of the offense.
        If you tell me one , it will be funny to tell you how I would punish it

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