Just the way she likes it

  and no other way.  Ever.

Don’t worry, she’s a very good shot.  She’ll hit exactly what she’s aiming at, nothing else.  

Respect doesn’t have to be mutual to be heartfelt.

I hope he’s appropriately grateful for her trusting, easygoing nature.  I think things might get quite difficult for him if she loses that.

Oh dear.  I hope she doesn’t feel too bad about letting her friend down like that.

I’m sure she’ll say yes.  She’s a very kind person and it wouldn’t hurt anyone to… well, you know what I mean.  She’s not going to say no to her girlfriend, is she?  That would be mean.

4 thoughts on “Just the way she likes it”

  1. ''Hey honey, I am so proud of you. You have done so well since Christmas. Good job. No we need to do a review, ok? I know it has been a couple of months, but go get the 'punishment book' and let me see how well you have been doing.''

    ''Here is the book goddess. Thank you for considering a Chastity release, goddess.''


    ''If I have done well, wont I get a chastity release, ma'am?''

    ''You are a bit ahead of yourself, honey. A review doesn't mean a change to the chastity schedule. Anyhow, how long has it been?''

    ''High goddess, oh beautiful goddess, it was November last year. You allowed me release whilst you put on your make up and got ready for a date, ma'am.''

    ''Oh yes, I remember. You fiddled and grunted but failed to cum, you were a good boy though, got right back into the chastity CB5000 without a fuss.''

    Max kneels by my feet as I read the punishment book. There are the usual entries about doing the washing on time and not complaining when I went out on dates and being allowed to watch Netflix on occasion. The red entries were mainly giving smartass answers to questions or being slow to respond to the buzzer or looking a bit too long at my or my friend's legs. Overall it was a good review.

    ''A good review, Max. Keep up the good work Now finish the ironing, and don't ask again about release. I try to be fair, but it is such a chore for me and so boring. I wont be considering it again until the summer, honey. Maybe July or August, I don't know. Good boy.''

    ''Thank you goddess.''


  2. THWACKK!!! ''Four, aaarggh. thank you goddess.''

    ''Now, Max. I think six with a cane is fair. You have been very sulky and silly this week.''

    THWACKK!!! ''Five, thank you, ouch!! goddess.''

    ''Be quiet. Now listen. Just because I took you to my bed last night and we made love, doesn't mean, you are my equal, or that you can talk to me like I am your friend, ok? You were very good last night and I appreciate how breathless you made me feel, but you are a sissy slave and I am your goddess, ok? I must establish my place. Now after the sixth hit thank me properly and kiss the cane.''

    THWACKK!!! ''Six, thank you goddess. Ooh, sorry. aaarggh!! I am so sorry goddess. I love making love with you and I forget my place sometimes. Your skin is so soft and your p**sy so beautiful. May I kiss the cane, goddess?''

    ''You may.'' Mmmmm kisskisskiss.

    Max got up and poured my coffee. He then went upstairs to make the bed to tidy up and fetch laundry. I looked at my laptop and emailed my colleague about my trip to Dubai next week. It is important to let Max know his place, especially after the intimacy and sheer pleasure of lovemaking, even though he wasn't let out of his chastity. His lovely pleasuring of my pu**y was done with his tongue. In these moments I let him say sweet lovers words and tell me he loves me, without use of the title 'goddess', I enjoy it better that way.

    I change into my blue skirt suit and put on my heels. I grab my briefcase and purse and say 'bye' to Max.

    ''Shouldn't be late tonight, honey. You may have a short coffee break before you start your chores, ok?''

    In May we are having some elections in the UK. There has been much talk on the MSM about sissy slaves having voting rights. I don't believe it is a good idea because that would mean a level of equality in that both mine and Max's vote would be valid in the same way. A bad idea. Max wouldn't dare raise the subject but I wonder if he thinks about votes and democracy and such.

    I guess I doubt it, his main concern is at the moment is news about hemlines and whether yellow suits his complexion. He is into stories about 'Unicorns' at the moment as his mommy gave him a book on them at Christmas. His mom is allowed to be soft and give him a gift, it wasn't wrapped and wasn't under the Christmas Tree where all our presents are.

    I must ask Max who he would vote for, may be funny to know. As I drive to work my pus*y reminds me how hot my sissy husband is, when I allow it.

    I am looking forward to my trip to Dubai. Probably need to do some clothes shopping later this week.


  3. I am afraid we males can be rather obsessive about our silly, squirty orgasms, Ms Zoe. Sounds like Maxie just needs to learn the importance of patience and focusing on what matters in life: you primarily. That way, if he is granted a release it's a nice surprise.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you, Ms Zoe. My SO is OK with my voting, as long as I don't waste my vote by using it foolishly. We don't really discuss politics much, though, which is probably just as well as our 'discussions' usually sound like the start of your clever comment here and can be quite painful.

    Best wishes


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