When life gives you lemons…

 …strap him down to a table, clip his eyelids open and squeeze the juice into them.

Too unpleasant for you?  Then you definitely will not want to watch this clip of women (as the title indicates) brutally torturing men to death

No, seriously, you won’t.  That clip is not some kind of happy S&M consensual game, nor are the terrified victims saved at the last minute from the evil torturers (don’t you hate it when that happens in mainstream movies?).  It is possibly the most unpleasant, brutal mainstream clip I have ever seen.  Very nasty stuff.

I mean, who could possibly enjoy that sort of thing?  You’d have to be a truly sick weirdo to get any kind of sexual pleasure from that. Simply horrible, it is.  Vile.


Anyway, on we go!


Some poor sod’s going to have to clean that up, you know.



‘Non-lethal’ is how I like my femdom play.



Yes, let’s hope Ellie doesn’t take it out on them.  She’d got a terrible temper, you know.




The people have spoken… the ones wanking online, anyway, and that’s good enough for her.





Thank goodness none of that applies to any of us, eh readers?  Imagine the (fully justified) self-loathing you’d have to feel to get off on something like this.

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  1. Well the movie clip was a bit gross, and didn't do anything for me, but indeed I'm worthy of contempt for so many other reasons. Like really wanting to taste those lovely red boots, for instance!

  2. Some men get sexual arousal by women showing them contempt. These perverts enjoy sexual arousal with denial. They enjoy beings beaten, forced into chastity, abused, and being made to beg. They kiss women’s feet as an act of total surrender to the complete dominance of women over them. These weak men readily serve women. They seek humiliation out, as it is sexually stimulating to these submissive men.
    Bring it on!

  3. You weak men are a slave to sex. I control you. I am powerful; you are pitiful. What’s yours is mine. Now you better get down and worship me!

  4. Thank you for the video warning. Of course, I am very tempted to watch, but with your writinn and comment above, I think I’m probably too feminine to be able to do that. A pity! Though pissing a cage seem fine, lol.

    The two models talking about the losers drooling over their pics is my fave, I think. Oh, drool is not bad, either! 🙂

  5. They do look nice. And – who knows? – maybe the ladies in the gross clip would have stopped all the gouging and amputating if only the strapped-down males had proposed a nice D/S boot worship session instead. But I guess we'll never know.

    Best wishes


  6. Indeed they do, Hank. They seek it out and usually they have to pay for it too, but nothing wrong with that.

    Best wishes


  7. Thank you, SaraE. We all have our limits and we can't expect any two people's to be the same, as my SO likes to laughingly remind me when we play one of her 'special games'.

    Not sure about the 'too feminine', though. I associate that word with fierce and sadistic ladies. Me, I'm too masculine for real pain play – shriek and beg like a boy…

    Best wishes


  8. A- good point on that… I guess being a genetic male does make us weaker! Sara

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