She’s so fine, there’s no tellin’ where the money went

Another totally forgettable song from that pointless 80s guy, having his career saved by the goddesses in his videos.  Is it just me, or does the goddess annoyingly hidden by his left shoulder (reminder for male readers: his left is our right) at about 3.30 look like she’s thinking about something else?  And the goddess on the second row far left (our left, boys… not that difficult) just looks embarrassed throughout.

Oddly enough, if you really understood her plan, you wouldn’t be worried about the animal in the middle there, but about the teddy bear to the right. I don’t want to spoil the surprise – just consent, and you’ll find out soon enough.

There’s also ‘lucky dip’, where he gets to spin a wheel marked with the numbers one to five at the start of each week.  But – shhhh! – if his patroness wants that spin to result in a particular outcome… well, that’s doable, if you know what I mean.

Some people are like that – they’ll just drop everything if someone else asks.  She can actually be quite assertive, so don’t assume this is typical.  She’s no doormat.  He is, but that’s more a literal description than a judgement of his character.

Ungrateful little sod.  You’d think he’d be pleased to get out and stretch his… his… well, whatever part or parts of his anatomy are about to be stretched, I suppose.

Try to be worthy of the honour.

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  1. Most Women ARE simply irresistible! At least for us types.
    I’m sure at least the Alpha producer enjoyed the socializing. I’d be some gaffer taking the props back to the closet. But not smelling them, mind you! Well, I don’t think so anyway, er probably.

    As you show, attractive women DO have a plethora of socializing options, and if She doesn’t want to spank you because something “came up” then you’ll just have to deal with that.

    I suppose performing tricks for Hee is one way to keep her entertained, even if it’s just fellatio on a pole. At least you’ll know she’s giving you some attention?


  2. If level 4 includes permanent body modification (probably castration), I'd hate to see what happens on level 5.

  3. You wouldn't need to see it, Mr A, as you'd feel the effects quite vividly and for a surprisingly long time before the blissful onset of unconsciousness.

    Rumour has it that for very special clients, and for a very special fee, there's a level 6, but it's probably better not to ask about that.

    Best wishes


  4. Uh huh – you think you're going to be performing fellatio on that thing, SaraE? Well, I suppose you might. Let's hope it's before the anal element of the schedule, rather than after, as that could leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

    Performing tricks is a good idea, though. Maybe you could do a pole dance… or try to rotate your body around the central pegged axis, anyway.

    Best wishes


  5. Luckily I'm not married so I run no risk of experiencing any of the levels, let alone 5 or 6.

  6. Oh, you never know. Maybe one day you'll meet that special woman who sweeps you off your feet and whisks you off to a place deep underground where no one but her can hear your screams.

    Don't give up hope, is what I'm saying.

    Best wishes


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