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  1. In fact those memories are beginning to flood back. Methinks she will shortly need to put her dish of tea down on the table lest it be spilled, while those memories are relived, not only in her mind but also in other parts of her delicious body.

  2. I live the serve you and to pleasure every part of your female body, from head to toe. Your pleasure, not mine, is my joy.

  3. Lifted skirts, my open mouth, golden rain. I tell her it is delicious. She shows me who is dominant. It is my joy to serve her.
    Es un placer mi amor para darte placer.

  4. We compare men amongst we girls. There are those men who only want to please themselves. These we laugh at, tease and deny them. They are rejects.
    However there are those few men who focus on giving us pleasure, instead of themselves. These special men, whom we therefore love, are invited into our circle of women.
    Men are lined up, so to speak. We reject those who fail the test. Those special ones give us such tremendous pleasure. They pass. Their pleasure is in focusing only on us.
    Where are you on the lineup?

  5. Hey! Can you make captions about curfew for men and/or mandotory male chastity? You have a great style and I would love to see these topics covered 🙂

  6. We women often arouse and frustrate you men to gain control. You men will do anything we women say!! Some men even go to domes to be sexually aroused while being denied. Mr Servitor shows the results of men’s humiliation, chastity, and loss of control.

  7. Ah I can hear the Woman on the lefts voice in the 2nd picture. She has such a warm honeyed voice a deep one too. Ah the voice of Rose from a Very Peculiar Practice. or the strident tones of the lass 2nd to Mr Brittas.

    Or the rasping waspish dominant Victoria Coren Mitchell (note her name gets top billing afore her husbands and quite right so). We shoudl compile a list of dominant Women's voices. i would but one is asking me where she put somethign and I am to find it quick or make no mistake I will suffer for it.

  8. Splendid, good for you. Probably not my female body because I don't have one, but if I meet any I'll be sure to let you know.

    Best wishes


  9. Interestingly, you have the same name as the off-camera lucky male in that photo. Except he was a bloody German, rather than a damned Spaniard, obviously.

    Best wishes


  10. Thanks for your comment Mr A. I believe 'enforced male chastity' is fairly well covered here, but I take it you mean more in the nature of local rules and regulations. I think I have one or two like that, featuring attractive young policewomen (obviously) enforcing the local chastity ordinances, but I might have to dig a bit in the old archive some time next week as right now Servitor is travelling (and I've just realised I haven't checked the chastity rules for the town I'm staying – whoops.)

    Best wishes


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