And what’s more, you’ll be a woman, my daughter

War. They say war changes nothing. But sometimes if nothing changes, war is the only way. These girls didn’t seek the war they fought in but it found them. Then they fought and some of them died. Then they won and some of them came back. Did they come back as heroines? They came back. Plenty didn’t. Those who made it said the war changed them – for good, for bad, who knows? It changed a lot of guys too, mostly for the better. Sure: war changes nothing. But war changes everything, too.

Etc. That stuff’s surprisingly easy to write.

World War M, anyway. When the war between the sexes went hot.

Just tell the truth, subbie. The truth can’t hurt you.

And introducing a new series. World War M: Origins.

13 thoughts on “And what’s more, you’ll be a woman, my daughter”

  1. I love the World War M series. Love the Mutts getting what they undoubtedly deserve. Love it, Servitor. Zoe
    ”Hey boy! You salute when an officer comes into your line of sight. What is your name?”

    ”Sorry, ma’am, I was checking the locks on the ammunition boxes.”

    ”Are you one of those new boys who is doing a woman’s job in this Army?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. I am a sissy soldier. On ammunition duty, ma’am.”

    ”Good boy. Ok, carry on.”


    1. I saw that in some units they had to take the sissy soldiers off ammunition duty. They insisted on polishing up the shells to a lovely shine, and painting little pink hearts on the RPGs and it just wasn’t helping anyone. They did look fabulous in their specially-designed unifomrs, though.

      Best wishes


      1. I’m betting the boys uniforms accentuates their cocks quite nicely for the ladies, and are easy to access as their cocks and tongues (and ass, if he gets pegged) are considered “morale gear”. Out their on the frontlines, he is an easy source to distress.

        1. That’s right, Squaw. Not everything in the military has to be utilitarian and efficient. A few pretty lads around, who know how to put their mouths to good use and don’t mind getting down on their knees from time to time, help morale by reminding our girls what they’re fighting for.

          Best wishes


  2. Caption number 5 is very nice. What a privilege for the auxiliary to testify for the defense of his commanding officer. But, the fact he never witnessed any unauthorised castrations is not evidence that she never performed an unauthorised castration.

    1. Well, that’s very true, Mr A, in the general logic of your position. But fortunately the courts hold on to the principle that every woman is considered innocent of charges until found guilty, so unless actually proven, there’s no reason to place such a blot on her otherwise excellent service record.

      They do say that her unit has the most efficient laundry boys in the service. I’m not saying there’s any connection there, of course.

      Best wishes


      1. Then the theory is, since none of the laundry boys have balls, they aren’t wasting time sniffing the delicates and fantasizing?

        That sounds like they would be castrated right when starting the job, not as a punishment. Ouch…

        1. Hard to be sure exactly what happened, Mr A. That sounds plausible but boys’ bits are so delicate, there are many ways they can end up going missing. But you’re probably right: it was war and everyone had to make sacrifices, willingly or otherwise.

          Best wishes


          1. If I knew my testicles were at risk – including my fertility, my ability to orgasm, my testosterone production, and a big part of my identity as a man – I would probably find it difficult to get into the “flow” state that I need in order to do a lot of laundry to a high standard. So, I’d bet the laundry boys are intact and Lt. Fleischer is as clean as a whistle.

            If she commands the most efficient laundry boys in the corps then perhaps her methods should be used throughout?

    1. That’s a very interesting question, Mr A, one debated ad nauseum by historians after the guns finally fell silent. Causes and triggers for violent conflict can be multifaceted and it’s not always a simple question of ‘who shot first?’

      Professor Jessica Vernon, though, after considering and dismissing the contribution of factors such as technological change, the growing stresses on the patriarchal system and the increasing tension between women’s aspirations and their roles in society, concluded that it was probably because men had been much too annoying for much too long.

      Or as the title of her magnum opus on the subject put it “Leaving the toilet seat up one time too many: why the bastards deserved it.”

      And who are we to argue?

      Best wishes


      PS: the actual first shot is officially considered to have been fired by one Colonel Delia McCoy, officer commanding a military base in Oregon, in response to an attempt to pat her bottom by General John Kieran, as immortalised in the marching song “When Johnny’s balls flew so far away.”

  3. But what they don’t tell you is what happens if a boy doesn’t do the laundry right. I’ve heard the whimpering moans of males echoing throughout the halls, hearing smacking sounds and thuds. The door opened once, with a male bent over a table in tears, ass cheeks deep red, and his superior officer, pummelling his backside with a large strapon dildo.

    “I suggest you scurry along and get back to my laundry boy, and you better do it right, or you’ll be next.” She said

    “Ye-yes mam”, I said, running away back to my duties with a fear boner.

    1. Fear boners are the best boners. For those of us who get punished for unauthorised erections, they’re even a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Fear boners may feature in future captions, I think.

      As for the punishment reaming, obviously I would never seek to question the decisions of Superior officers, but I have heard that the only laundry boys subjected to that particular disciplinary measure are the ones with pert, cute bums. Not saying there’s any kind of bias or favouritism there, obviously…

      Best wishes


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