Captive audience

Or one that would like to be so.

It just goes to show what I always say: that few marital problems can be resolved satisfactorily by cowering away in terror in a cupboard hoping she doesn’t find you.
Don’t worry: nobody’s expecting you to do anything much. They’ll do all the work, just leave it to them.
Probably just a breath mint. My SO receives monthly deliveries of a particularly effective brand of breath mints, with some long and complicated scientific name, from Myanmar. I’ve been taking one a day since soon after we got married and it’s never done me any harm, unlike many other things in our marriage.

Of course, there’s no need to discuss her expectations about you. Those are minimal, at best.

This is the fabulously beautiful and no doubt all-round fabulously fabulous Lady Perse, well worth visiting if you are in Warsaw or even if you are not. Needless to say (but I am conscious most of my readers are male, so even the blindingly obvious may need pointing out), the caption I have put on her divine image in no way represents her actual session practices, which I am sure are safe, sane, consensual and fabulous.

‘Something’? What kind of something? Why are the ladies in these captions so maddeningly unclear?

4 thoughts on “Captive audience”

  1. ”Max, darling, let me explain something. ok?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. That cane hurts, goddess. Seven ma’am.”

    ”I told you on Monday that I was going out for a meal with my old friend James on Friday night. Did I tell you that, Max?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Eight. Thank you. Yes, goddess, you did tell me about your date. ma’am.”

    ”Ok, well done. So why was my silvery bra and panties set not handwashed? Why was my blue dress not ironed and why did you lie and tell me all preparations were complete? Explain yourself, Max.”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Nine. OOOOhh! I did handwash your panty set but I thought you were going to wear your new green set, ma’am. I did iron your blue dress, it is so pretty ma’am. Why do you think I didn’t, ma’am?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!! Ten ma’am.”

    ”I need my panty sets all handwashed and clean at all times, you should know that. As for the blue dress, I meant the summery one with the large white daisies on, not the long one with light pink dots on, idiot. If you weren’t sure you should have ironed both.
    Now, worship my feet and kiss the cane.”

    Max did as he was told and learned a valuable lesson. I hope he did anyways. It has been a while since I needed to cane Max for an error. I don’t count his regular disciplinary canings.

    As it turned out it didn’t matter about the panty set as I wore my most comfy bra and non-matching panties on my date with James. I did wear my daisy blue dress, which is pretty but shows very little flesh.

    I like James, but he is not someone I would have sex with. He is kind and funny and good company, but that is as far as it goes. We had three lunch dates, and I haven’t returned any of his calls since. I may let him take me to the Opera next month, but he will need to be proactive and get the tickets soon, as they sell out. It is a Verdi opera and I want to go with someone nice. I guess I better tell him what I want, I know he can’t mind read. I like to play these games with guys, where I am unresponsive to his calls, but still want him to spend money on me.

    The caning has made me a bit sexy, I will take Max to my bed tonight. I may even take off his chastity.

    ”Max, I am going into the sun room, bring me a coffee and some of that lemon drizzle cake you made, good boy.”


    1. Goodness, Max does seem to be getting a lot of sex lately, Ms Zoe – by submissive male standards. The ratio of caning to sex my SO allows me is somewhat higher… infinitely high, come to think of it.

      Best wishes


      PS – I did laugh at Max trying to inform you that the cane hurts. It’s one of those little things that all women know, deep down inside, but they seem nonetheless to enjoy hearing it said out loud.

    1. No, possibly nor do I in retrospect. I suppose they were just supposed to be obscure foreign medicaments from places with minimal regulatory controls, but possibly it didn’t really work well. Not a lot of thought typically goes into the mini-captions under the images.

      Nonetheless, a failure is a failure and – you can be assured – it will be reported to my Superior to be dealt with appropriately.

      Best wishes


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