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  1. Thank you, Zoe. I think most people don't… or at least I rarely get any comments when I put up posts in this series. But I put them up anyway, being rather stubborn about that sort of thing.

    I must reply to your other comment! I will, it's just that wheb you put such effort and creativity into commenting, I don't really feel I can reply just with "Great, thanks for commenting!" or suchlike…so I end up feeling daunted and not replying at all…

    But I will, I will.

    Best wishes


  2. That is fine Servitor…I know you are a busy man. I have lots more ideas…would welcome suggestions you would like me to pursue.


  3. They are nothing less than magnificent. Males are indeed healthier and often get their full share of liquids. Males should be drinking a litre a day at least and many Women are willing to help out. Women must be vigilant as not all those males are seemingly averting their eyes submissively at the floor. They are ogling such things as toe cleavage and having unauthorized semi erections in their chastity cages. Rape prevention officers certainly know how to deal with that sort of thing.

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  4. Males don't cope well with ambiguity. Fortunately, the ladies in the images above rarely present them with any.

    Rape prevention officers are currently mainly focused on helping in the fight against coronavirus. There is some evidence that the disease can be spread through ejaculated semen. Admittedly, those studies are not conclusive but in this – as in so much else – the Rape Prevention Service takes the view that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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