Serene ladies of pain

It’s a learning experience. On both sides.


It’s good of her to make these arrangements for you, when she’s so busy preparing for her business trip and everything. You should think of something you can do to show your gratitude.  As well as the additional respect, of course.


I rather like the ridiculous pervert clothes.  But then I’m a ridiculous pervert.


He wouldn’t have to be brave all the time.  Just at the start, when she ties him up.


 I hope Anna says no.  Do you think she’ll say no?

NB – some of you who follow this blog closely might have noticed that there was briefly another post published today titled “Happy returns”.  But an anonymous poster kindly pointed out I had identified the wrong lady in the photo.  As it is not that lady’s birthday, the post didn’t really work any more, so it has been replaced with this one.

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