Pride comes before…

a mouth-soaping, a sound spanking and being sent to bed early without any supper.  There’s usually very little pride left after that, I find.


Every girl should have a boyfriend collection.
 The lady on the right is the lovely Mistress Mina Thorne, visitable here.

It’s good for husbands and wives to talk about the family finances together like this.  Exactly like this.
 This lady is the awe-inspiring Mistress Selena, one of the best humiliatrices around in my humble, humiliated opinion.
Welcome back.  There have a been a few other changes too, but don’t worry, she’ll explain all about those in due course, when you’re wearing your shock collar.

I don’t know about you, but I deplore our modern throwaway society.  Time was, girls would really value getting a new slave.  Now they can get three for £25 at Primark, they just use them once and chuck them out.  It’s a shame, in some ways.

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  1. It is bad enough when she gives me a mouth-soaping, a sound spanking and sends me to bed early without any supper, but I am utterly humiliated when she tells her friends, male and female, about it in front of me.

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