Hypnotized by you if I should linger

I will listen hard to your tuition.

‘Hmmm’ as in ‘Mmmm…hmmm…’? Or as in ‘Hmmm!’ ?
I always switch my phone off before a session, And the location thing too. Once, visiting the delightful Mistress Servalan in Sydney, my own phone ran out of battery just before I was due to call her to tell her I was on the street outside and I had to call a dominatrix on my work phone. That was briefly stressful, but Mistress Servalan managed to bust my stress almost immediately.
C’mon, give her a break, for goodness’ sake.
C’mon: be a man. A very submissive, cringing kind of man, ideally.
She won’t use the shock collar on him either. Says it’s cruel.

The divine Miss Chambers, from Cruella. Oh that nose…

But don’t get too close. 1.5 to 2.5 metres, remember? And always behind her, which can be a problem if she turns around suddenly. A problem for you, I mean. She doesn’t mind.

10 thoughts on “Hypnotized by you if I should linger”

  1. 1st caption: You know, you’re right. Maybe he’s gagged at the moment. Maybe that “hmmm” is him trying to say “thank you mistress”. At least it better be. She don’t wanna hear no crying and pleading.

    4th caption: I sincerely hope the “little talk” she wants to have is truly just a discussion, and she doesn’t plan on putting hands on him. I mean it’d be uncalled for. Sure, he got a little temper tantrum like a bratty child, but it doesn’t warrant a beating over her knee like the other guys are no doubt getting right?

    6th caption: Interesting idea, to call it what is likely just a basic tracking device that triggers a shock at a certain distance a “virtual leash”. This just gave President Hathaway a brilliant idea to enact by law. The “virtual leash” act, it’ll be called, to keep way ward males, and males out and about, firmly in check. The new feminist government would be pleased to enforce it.

    1. 4th -oh indeed, Squaw, just a little talk. A genuine discussion, a true meetuign of minds. Naturally, if during the course of that discussion he were to request some kind of physical punishment, to help him learn from his errors and to show respect, that would be a different matter. And if he were to be so rude and thoughtless as not to request any such treatment, well… that would be a different matter again, wouldn’t it?

      So, anyway, it’s entirely his choice.

      Best wishes


      1. True, he should know that to spare the rod is to spoil him. It’s part of what is taught in sex education courses nowadays. A light beating over her knee should suffice. At least he won’t be getting the firmer, sledge hammer forced smacks on his ass that his friends are no doubt getting from the strong arm of their wives.

        1. My SO is absolutely determined not to spoil me. It’s wonderful to know she has such an obsession with my welfare.

          Best wishes


  2. I am walking in the school playground and chatting to my friends, Emma and Clare. As I walk a male teacher, with his Named Responsible Female (NRF), approaches.

    ”Excuse me, Miss Zoe, may I speak to you before class?”

    ”I am with my friends, can’t this wait? What can be so important that you speak to me in this way?”

    Jayne (the NRF): ”Zoe, dear, he wants to explain why he marked your science paper a ”B”, that’s all. The poor lamb has been fretting and worrying about telling you.”

    Emma: ”You haven’t curtsied to me and Clare, Mr Wilkins, very rude.”

    ”I am sorry, Miss Emma.” Mr Wilkins curtsies to both girls.

    I tell him I can chat as we walk, but he must carry my bags.

    Jayne (the NRF): Thanks Zoe. Emma and Clare let me walk with you to get a coffee. Mr Wilkins, come and find me when you have finished with Miss Zoe.”

    ”Thank you Miss Jayne.”

    ”Now, Mr Wilkins I guess I didn’t fully explain why the speed difference in the example was different to what was expected. I think it was because of the effect of the high wind? Is that right Mr Wilkins?”

    ”Well, Miss Zoe, if you had said that you would have got a ‘B+’ or an ‘A’. I am sorry, Miss Zoe. I know you get angry when I have to mark you lower than you deserve. Please don’t punish me too harshly, Princess.”

    I didn’t feel sorry for Mr Wilkins, after all he is a senior teacher with years of experience. He knew that his actions had consequences.

    ”You will meet me at the school gym at 3.30 pm for a formal caning. You must be disciplined for incompetence and stupidity.”

    ”Yes princess Zoe. May I ask how I could have acted differently, after all your paper didn’t score higher.”

    ”Aww Mr Wilkins, are you asking for advice? As you will know, if you have to mark me lower than expected you come and speak to me and allow me to make an adjustment to my answer. You do not just tell me in that way. That is why stupidity is one of the reasons for the caning, understand?”

    And so Mr Wilkins was given six from the sacred cane on his bare bottom by a schoolgirl princess.

    ”Thank you for correcting me, Miss Zoe.


    1. Sounds like Mr Wilkins learned a lesson out of class, Ms Zoe.

      I have a URF – unnamed responsible female. She’s this random lady who appears from time to time when I’m out in public and just slaps me around a bit. No idea who she is or why she does it. Still… it all adds to the gaiety of life.

      Best wishes


  3. ”Now, Gordon, an exciting time, huh? Your April review. How long have you worked for this company, sweetie?”
    ”Well Mrs Sullivan, I have worked for this department for eight years, previously I was in the Buyer Dept for eleven years. So, 19 year, ma’am.”
    ”Well done! Really? That is amazing, honey. Now, I have a positive report from Alison, your supervisor. She says you are efficient at your work, she can rely on your figures. You are polite, obedient and thoughtful. That is good, honey, very good. How do you like Alison, she is in her first job, at just nineteen years old, do you like working for her?”
    ”Oh, yes, Mrs Sullivan. She is kind and knows a lot of stuff. I enjoy her energy, ma’am.”
    ”Good, good. Sorry, I’m just making notes, Gordon.”
    ”Now, as you know a male cannot be in any position of authority in this company. Even in this country to be honest. That means that I cannot promote you as you are a junior member of staff. A very treasured junior, OK? Also, honey, I cannot give you a pay rise as you are at the top of your pay scale.”
    ”I understand, Mrs Sullivan. I love my job, so I am happy to get a good April review. Thank you. I am so pleased Alison likes my work.”
    ”Do you mean Miss Alison, boy?”
    ”Yes, ma’am, of course, Miss Alison.”
    ”OK. You can go now, Keep up the good work. Oh, as a reward you have a gold star on your record. You need to get a gold star next month too, sweetie.”
    ” Thank you Mrs Sullivan.”


    1. I suspect that working for Mrs Sullivan and Miss Alison is its own reward, which is just as well given male pay scales these days. Still.. not everyone can earn the big bucks and it’s silly to waste money on sex-mad morons with y-chromosomes when there’s half the population who are so much more deserving. So it’s probably for the best.

      Best wishes


  4. ”Gordon, we are having a meeting in the boardroom, take the tea and coffee orders, and make sure the good china is used, and there may be cake in the kitchen. It’s OK I have already spoken to Alison, your boss. Good boy!”

    It was the monthly planning meeting. There were six of the most highly ranked women in the room. I was proud of the calibre of managers I employed.

    ”Now ladies, whilst the boy serves coffee and cake, can you look at the two reports in front of you. Sorry, Serena? You haven’t got a copy? Gordon, get a copy of the report from Emily, my PA. Good boy.”

    Tiffany: ”The profits in the last quarter were way above average. I am really excited!”

    Serena: ”I think the girls in the company will get a big bonus this May. They do such a good job.”

    Maxine: ”Can we reward some of the boys too. They do contribute as well, after all. I know we can’t give a bonus as such, but some flowers? or perhaps some chocolate bars, for the older boys.”

    ”Now Maxine, I appreciate that the boys work hard, but they are not in the same league as the girls. I love them being around, brings some cuteness to the office, something extra, but really? Flowers?”

    Kathleen: ”I agree that the boys are hard working, and so loyal. However, they shouldn’t be rewarded for doing as they are instructed, surely? It would set a bad precedent.”

    This is an old topic, how to show the boys we are pleased with them. They each get a monthly review and are praised or warned as appropriate. They do contribute, but the girls need to be motivated and appreciated in a way that is not good for the boys.

    ”Gordon, please go back to your desk, we will call you when it is time to clear away the crockery, good boy! Well done!”

    Gordon was too busy to hear what was discussed, he is a typical boy. Been here a long time, always a Junior staff member, always reporting to women much younger than him. He is paid the minimum wage, as agreed by the Gynarchy in the UK. He is also grateful for a job.

    ”Right ladies, now we are caffeined up, lets talk strategy for the new contracts with Microsoft, IBM and Quantas. First lets hear Serena’s presentation. Go ahead, Serena.”

    I love my job.


    1. You know, many management books suggest that just the process of being reviewed is itself more valuable than any subsequent monetaray rewards. That’s certainly the experience in my marriage and I don’t see why the same should apply to the less stressful and lower-steakes world of office work.

      Many thanks for all of your comments.

      Best wishes


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