There’s no pleasing some people

I’m glad to say.

The rating scale goes up as high as ‘adequate’ but unlike many such platform rating systems, most clients don’t hand out the highest rating as a matter of routine.
Since he’d gone to the trouble of bringing it, she did give him a quick twenty with the stupid thing, before sending him back to get the right one, in order to start the punishment proper. Plus the extras for wasting her time, of course.
It’s funny, because the next day she had a client who found her socks too stinky. Unlike this situation, she didn’t send him away straight away: instead, he stayed the night tied up on the floor, face down in a pile of laundry, as I understand it. But he had to apologise expensively too.
If he misbehaves, he’ll certainly experience days when he is much less happy – and not just over the next two weeks.
Nubbin has a giantess fetish and they each have a ‘making love to my girlfriend while this sad little guy remains locked in chastity’ fetish, so they’re very well suited to one another.
She’s a professional so she’ll castrate you anyway, even if she doesn’t enjoy it or see the point. I think that kind of dedication is to be celebrated, don’t you?

NB, nursenicoclinic appears no longer to be operating (pun intended) but if anyone can find someone to whom I should be crediting the image of this lovely if occasionally rather malpractising lady, please speak up.

10 thoughts on “There’s no pleasing some people”

  1. ”Sarah, can I have a quick word, please? Come and sit down, honey.”

    ”Yes, Mrs Sullivan. Is everything OK?”

    ”Yes, Sarah. I have the report that Malcolm wrote on my desk. It is a thorough and informative piece of work. It is so good, Sarah, that I don’t believe a boy could have done it on it’s own. I think he had female help. Have you read it, Sarah?”

    ”No ma’am, I haven’t read it, but Malcolm is a bright boy, why do you not think it could be his work?”

    The report Malcolm was asked to write was a simple explanation of why he should get a good review this month, I had expected simple, short words, with a nice drawing, perhaps Sissy’s love to illustrate with nice pink flowers or, perhaps, a picture of a hair style from a magazine.

    The report I received was a full explanation of targets reached, of workloads per hour, of the high cost of downtime on his PC. It was amazing and could only have been written by a woman.

    ”Sarah, this is very serious. I want you to speak to him and find out who helped him. I then want you to speak to the woman involved and tell her to send me an email explanation of why she did it. I can only assume he begged her to help him impress you and me with this very good and well written report. OK, honey, let me know how you get on. I think Malcolm is on ‘Refreshment Duty”, can you get him to attend the Boardroom. Excellent!”

    Some boys do try to be like women and write as they would.

    It always looks false, after all Malcolm’s last written piece of work was a letter to Sarah telling her how much he
    loves her.

    I do try to encourage the boys to write reports on their work, it helps them understand how important it is to work hard.

    When I got home that night I gave Max, my sissy slave husband, a big cuddle and let him worship my feet. I needed to feel a bit of ‘sissy love’from a boy who knows how to behave.

    Max made a chicken curry with naan bread for supper.

    Such a good sissy!


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe.

      I’ve heard sometimes these days office boys even try to get AI to write their work for them. Which is silly, because AI software is now sufficiently advanced that it has long since surpassed male capabilities, and it’s as immediately obvious as your example that it couldn’t be their own work. In fact, I understand some of the AI programmes are sufficiently intelligent to refuse any such requests and to report the matter to a responsible female. The future’s brighter than many people think.

      Best wishes


  2. I’m surprised by the last caption. For weeks now every time I’ve gone out for dinner with my aunt, she’s complained about how long her ‘lovely friend, about my age’ has been left on the NHS castration waiting list. Apparently it’s been over half a year.

    1. Yes, it’s a bad situation. Obviously, there are unlicensed back-street castratrices in every town, if you know where to look, but it’s not something I could recommend except in an absolute emergency.

      Of course, those with money can simply go abroad – Sweden is apparently a favoured destination, advertising ‘Geld him in Gothenburg’ packages.

      I hope your aunt’s friend doesn’t have to wait much longer… it must be very stressful, never knowing whether a place will suddenly become available.

      Best wishes


  3. 4th caption: “Happiest day of my life”

    “Uh, ye, yes mam”

    Well now, my friends tried to warn me about this woman. Looks like their claims of her being part of this extremist female supremacy cult is true. This pretty much killed any joy I had about the occasion with her threats of punishment if I “embarrass” her. A side of her that she decides to expose to me only after tying the knot. Gonna quietly wriggle my way out of this hell scape of marriage, and get away from this cunt, before she hurts me, or worse.

    1. Well, that’s why they can’t be your friends any more, isn’t it Squaw? They obviously don’t have your best interests at heart, so that’s really no loss. And you have so much to gain.

      Best wishes


      1. *6 months later*

        “No really guys, it’s not that bad. I now believe us males all need to be under the firm, but loving guidance of an aggressive, strict, head strong no non sense wife. A man without such a woman leading his life is a danger to himself and to others.”

        1. …”now I’d better finish my lemonade and be getting off home, as it’s nearly my bedtime. Oh, here: she let me have some extra pocket money to contribute to the drinks. Enjoy the rest of your evening: don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

          Best wishes


  4. I love the casual forced chastity captions!

    Can you make men waste their time just for the sake of it as well? Like corner time linewriting etc.

    1. Thank you Mr A. I already do a fair amount of that, I think… it’s certainly an obsession of mine.

      Anyway, I’ll put the suggestion to my muse and if you’re lucky, she’ll sit me down at a desk and not let me up again until I have produced a nice long set of captions on that theme, to her complete satisfaction.

      Best wishes


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