Just a quick one

I feel a
surge of deep satisfaction
Much as a queen astride her gelded steed
When I return from daily strife as a dominant wife
How pleasant is the life I lead

I run my home precisely on schedule
At six-o-one I march through my door
The boy to kiss my shoe is due at six-o-two
Consistent is the life I lead

It’s grand to be a domina in 2010
Ladies are taking over, and subjugating men!
I’m the lady of my castle, the sovereign, the liege
I treat my subjects – servants, husband, slaves -€”
With a fair but brutal hand: noblesse oblige

It’s six-o-three and the boy who is my husband
Is scrubbed and spanked and pinched around with pegs
And so I’ll beat him till he begs, to kneel between my legs
Ah lordly is the life I lead

A British nanny must be a general
The future empire lies within her hands
And so the person that we need to mold the breed
Is a nanny who can give commands

A British prison runs with precision
The British home requires nothing less
Tradition, discipline and rules must be the tools
Without them disorder, masturbation, anarchy
In short you have a masculine mess!


(Sometimes a photo just writes its own caption.)

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