Painful recollections

Yes, to celebrate the most depressing public holiday the UK has – the end of what is often with atypical British overstatement referred to as ‘the summer’ – here are more reminiscences from a better-run although oddly misnamed ‘kingdom’.  

 More OWK ladies reminiscing about the good old days, in other words.














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  1. Since the Queendom of OWK (that really should have been OWQ shouldn't it) was supposed to be a separate nation it must have had relations with Czechoslovakia. Once that ceased to exist any nationals would not be recognised. They may still be there in a diplomatic limbo. Femsup

  2. That may well be so, but the Ladies weren't great record-keepers, so I guess we'll nevcer know. I undersatand they never really took the business of diplopamtic relations too seriously, although they did often issue entry and exit stamps to male male visitors, often on the fingers.

    Best wishes


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