Tie me up and I’ll confess

 …a thousand ways that make you statuesque. (just more old music, nothing specifically femdom I’m afraid.  But it does feature Louise Wener and those lucky sleeperblokes, which is femdom enough for some).



Watch and learn – although it’s by no means certain you’ll ever get the chance to put it into practice.



Not often I feature maledom here, but I’m open-minded about it – I don’t mind maledoms, as long as they end up beaten, enslaved and crushed in body and spirit.





They are very concerned with fairness – and with unfairness too, obviously.

Well, as long as he’s cool about it I suppose you should be too.



0 thoughts on “Tie me up and I’ll confess”

  1. Why not cunnilingus in practice?
    I'm freguently used for that purporse, when her Wife is late for her business trip. She knows it and cames 'little bit' mad sometimes.
    I love it living as a slave to married Lesbian couple. Subs dream cames true for me.

  2. I love these stories, dear Servitor, especially the guy in the shower. She is so busy she doesn't have time for the slave.


  3. Yes, cunnilingus in practice would be great but my SO says that I need to make sure I have a good theoretical understanding first. Fortunately, she knows a great many people who can provide demonstrations and we're making excellent progress.

    And I'm sure you're right about the lesbian couple too. I've always thought that the nice thing about hanging around with lesbians is they can find me entirely unattractive, sexually speaking, without it being personal.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


    Many thanks

  4. Thank you, Ms Zoe, very pleased to hear it.

    She doesn't have much time, it's true. Busy busy… but she makes sure that at least once a week, she finds the time to give him some attention – and usually a few tips on how he can improve, too.

    Best wishes


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