Embarassingly accurate

I wonder if she’s jealous that she never gets to do the ironing any more?




The girls could probably handle more than ten reasons, but at that point the boys would run out of fingers so it’s probably best not to go there.




Don’t worry, he won’t be there all night.  She’s got a pillory in the bedroom too.  In fact, it’s the same model so he can just stagger there still wearing the cross-piece and it slots right in.

I was too worried about ending up with some embarrassing word tattooed on me in Chinese or Japanese so my SO kindly agreed to do it in English instead – just as well, as it turns out ‘wanker’ doesn’t translate directly.




You could try licking the tears back up.




0 thoughts on “Embarassingly accurate”

  1. But the boys will be able to use the toes of the Girls to count from. Femsup

  2. What a good idea! Combining a maths lesson with some useful social skills. Makes a change from counting the strokes, too, which will come as a relief to some of the girls who are still developing those all-important whipping muscles.

    Best wishes


  3. The boys can learn too about pressure and weights as the Girls use them as furniture. There are so many life lessons and social skills to be learned. Femsup

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