Oppressive unreality


That seems very fair.  In the early days of our marriage my SO would occasionally let me vote on things, although of course she had the tiebreaking vote in case of a 1-1 outcome.  It made me feel empowered and valued, which is presumably why she stopped doing it.


No mother-in-law jokes, please – she has many sterling qualities (firmness, willpower, attention to detail) but unfortunately ‘a sense of humour’ is not one of them.



Fortunately, there are plenty of male disciplinary jobs in the new Matriarchy for former sex-workers – oddly enough, it’s the vanilla ones who’ve been most enthusiastic about it.




Don’t worry: Mistress won’t let her hurt you without good cause.


And if you did mind, it really wouldn’t matter.







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  1. And in a few years they won't even be using the term men. Males of bois. Its not always the mind that gives away a male and even if he professes to be a Female Supremacist his little head will give him away. Femocracy in action in the office. All sorts of votes on toilet breaks and their length and whether they are supervised or not and whether in a designated male toilet or a potty. Real workers rights. Femsup

  2. Is that really a thing? Goodness me. A whole 365th of the year devoted to men seems (to me, at least, in my humble opinion) ludicrously to overvalue them. Still, I suppose they'd just get all petulant and brattish if they didn't get one.

    Best wishes


  3. I've heard many female-led companies are putting in 'male sexual health' programmes, which are something to do with helping men cope with their sexual urges during and outside working hours, which seems remarkably generous. No doubt their male employees will be asked to make a few small sacrifices in return. Also mental health programmes, which are the equivalent, but for unduly overt acts of willfulness.

    And there are plenty of non-pecuniary benefits too. As a business model, I don't see how it can fail.

    Best wishes


  4. Love the sending of him to her mother because Brian is moving in. She's right, of course, it wouldn't be fair on Brian if he stayed.

    Thanks Servitor.


  5. Yeah, he'd only get in the way – and probably get all jealous and silly with it.

    Oddest thing, though – when she told her mother about the arrangement, apparently she replied that she is looking forward to it! I don't really see how that can be squared with the notion that she doesn't like him, but I expect she has some kind of plan to make it all work out. She's seen off three husbands, after all – I'm sure she can cope.

    Best wishes


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