Venging angels

Like many guys, I walk around fully conscious of the big swinging padlock between my legs.



It’s actually a very environmentally-friendly way of disposing of old shoes.




Oh, all right then.  Let’s be daring, for a change.



It must be weird being vanilla – you do a sexy maid scene and hardly any floor actually gets scrubbed.  I’m not sure I could cope with that kind of unrealistic fantasy.

OWK’s safety record overall was only middling, but that average conceals an important disparity between male and female injuries, the latter being thankfully rare, the former equally thankfully daily.








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  1. All very inventive and with twists in the tail on some. I rather think the last fellow got away with that one as She didn't understand what he meant. Wow the less vanilla one I didn't see coming. A bit like him really. Femsup

  2. Could have been worse I suppose. She might have said she never wanted to see me again and then how would I get the padlock off?

  3. Oh, that's nothing to worry about. Those old padlocks with their great big iron keys may look all scary, but it's actually easy enough to open them. You just need two paper-clips, and you…

    Err… that's to say, I mean I've heard they're eay to unlock. Or maybe I read about that somewhere, I expect. Or then again… you know, maybe I'm confusing it with something else entirely? As I certainly haven't been reading any articles about lockpicking or anything like that.

    Erm… yes, anyway, thank you for commenting.

    Best wishes


  4. When Madame Sarka doesnm't understand something said in English, it's almost invariably the English-speaker (or indeed the entire structure of the English language) that's actually at fault. I've heard that's quite a strict grammatical rule, actually.

    The vanilla one has a happy sequel, in that she got to try something that was quite new for her, and although he didn't really enjoy it, he only had to endure it once, as things turned out.

    Best wishes


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