Smiles and tribulations


They say the best gift is a memorable experience.




Kind of her to help out.  You don’t often see that kind of neighbourliness these days, sadly.





Don’t worry – you’ll go quiet again long before they want to go to sleep.




As my SO likes to say – what could be more humiliating than being you, anyway?


Not forgetting ‘cock-sukking hor’ bit he added afterwards. Do you suppose all the words Raoul can spell correctly in English are synonyms for ‘penis’?  Honestly, I don’t see what she sees in him.


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  1. Shit!.. only another half a minute and I would have reached the hardware shop and could have got some metal cutters or a hacksaw to cut this hobble chain. That Ange won't now let me out of her sight and, knowing her, she won't hesitate to draw attention to my my chain and heels. Anyway, why does Suzie want me back? She calls me a "useless bit of shit" and "waste of space" so you would have thought she would be glad to get rid of me.

  2. Dear me, Melissa, what a sulky little comment! If you're not feeling gratitude for all the efforts Suzie is making with you, maybe the problem lies inside you rather than her, hmm? And if she says you're a useless piece of shit and a waste of space, have you considered that she might be right?

    Anyway, your hardware store plan sounds entirely typical of sloppy, undirected male thinking. What were you planning to pay with, hmm? Did you think the guy in the store would let you have a metal cutter for free? Or were you planning to get down on your knees before him and beg for it?

    Honestly, I don't think you deserve Angie and Suzie – anyone less determined would have given up on you long ago. But they're made of sterner stuff, I suppose.

    Thank you for the comment – but I do hope your attitude will soon be adjusted.


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