Fantastic terrors never felt before

She shall press, ah, nevermore!

Worst fudge ever?  Of course, I’d want to stay out of Devon.

I think it’s sad, to see magnificent beasts penned up in dark underground enclosures, like that.  They should be free to roam the snow-covered fields.
 Mistress Courtney and, erm… another goddess and two maggots, there.

It’s a good point, actually: I do like paella.  So, I suppose I have to be whipped.  Damn – I hate it when she uses logic on me!
There are other extras.  Not as many as there were, but there’s an endless supply waiting patiently outside the studio door.

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  1. if you are feeling generous – a special request please – for your creative consideration:
    a Valentine's Day theme post highlighting the contrast between what Ladies and Alpha males likes the one and only Raoul enjoys vs. us beta skivvies and fluffers

  2. Wonderful captions… especially the first and the paella ones get to me ­čÖé hug, sara

  3. Ah, my apologies both of you, but your request came in too late. I hope you're not too disappointed. If you are, please fill out a complaint form and the management will take measures to ensure that any employees responsible receive thorough and vigorous feedback on the importance of paying attention.

    To be honest, Valentines Day is a bit of a busy time for me. So many cards! This year, there were seven she wanted sent to boys and another three to women, including a very special one to a cute co-worker of mine she has her eye on. And she wants all of the messages personalised and she's quite choosy, too. "Roses are red/violets are blue/let's fuck on the sofa/while S cleans the loo" just doesn't cut it. And there aren't that many rhymes for 'Raoul'… tool, fool, school – I've done them all, over the years, I expect.

    Still, thank you both for your faith in my competence. Misplaced, but kind.


  4. Thank for for the comment and still more for the hug!

    Actually, Alfie likes paella too, so there's a connection between the two.

    All the best


  5. And of course a rigorous strapping will keep parts of them warm every now and then. I am surprised though She complains in front of the slaves. They should keep a united front. And a behind too. Femsup

  6. A neighbour, awakened from napping
    By the sound (as she thought) of loud clapping
    Looked outside to see
    My wife's treatment of me:
    A most vigorous rigorous strapping.

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