Savage sirens


It’s your own fault: what you get for abusing her kindheartedness.


Good thing they had the bat with them.  They usually bring it along on their walks, though – just in case it might come in handy.



…and so on.  Sounds like it might become rather repetitive.  I hope you don’t get too bored.



Don’t worry about the forced tofu-eating.  Tofu has a slightly disgusting texture, but it’s pretty nearly tasteless – just absorbs the flavour of whatever liquid it”s been soaking in, basically.  So whatever Raoul chooses to… yeah, anyway, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Oddly, though, the client she still calls ‘Mr Superglue’ became a regular, after he left hospital.  Subs, eh?  You think you know how weird they’re going to be but they’re always twice as weird again.






0 thoughts on “Savage sirens”

  1. Dominatrixes gain power and control over men by humiliating them. They show what disgusting filthy things men are, how men therefore deserve to be despised.

  2. Come on, we know some of you boys enjoy being demeaned, treated as unworthy by us females. We piss on you. You get perverted pleasure from being treated as garbage. You even pay us for it.
    Pain is pleasure.

  3. Dunno, that seems like a wonderful hike to me! At least right now…

    I’m glad I don’t have to eat today and clean up after Raoul. But the winter is young. SaraE

  4. You made a caption that I loved! it was in a world where every male is locked, and there are women who offer quick unlocks for money , could you do more like that, I believe everybody would love it!

  5. Quite so, Ms Sally. As my fabulously beautiful domme likes to note as, sighing with disappointment, she bends her lovely latex-clad form over to pick up a whip, showing off her deep cleavage as she goes and allowing a whiff of her perfume to curl past my nose, if I were not such a filthy lustful pig, none of this unpleasantness need happen. But I am so it does. Every time. What are the odds?

    Good, I hope.

    Best wishes


  6. That is very true, very true. Of course, it helps if one already is worthless to begin with, but I've never had any troubles on that score.

    Best wishes


  7. It's odd: they both take baseball bats but they never have a ball. I'm not sure they've really thought it through. Still, if it gets them out of the house into the fresh air, I'm sure it's all very healthy.

    As for Raoul… don't get me started. If ever he gets into a relationship with a woman who doesn't have a sissy maid husband, I think he's in for a rude awakening. Serve him right for all the rude awakenings he's given them over the years, too.

    Thanks for commenting, SaraE.

    Best wishes


  8. I was in bed with a guy called Dale who I met online. He is a landlord who owns 4 blocks of apartments. I told him about what Max had said in the above post, and he was shocked. Not that Max was punished or that he had asked such an impertinent question, but that I let him ask his question in the first place.

    Dale is so conservative, and so funny. He said his mummy didn't allow the family slave to ask any questions or even speak without permission. I told him that wasn't practical in my house as Max often asks if I have forgotten anything when I go out, or spontaneously worships my feet after I have been at work all day. Dale made sweet love to me and then we both showered before going downstairs for breakfast.

    Max curtsied and asked Dale what he wanted to eat. When I came down, he poured some coffee and knelt by my side as I absent-mindedly stroked his long, girly hair and chatted to Dale.

    So, Dale, when will I see you again?

    ''Sorry, I had a great time, but I am so busy at the moment. Can I call you?''

    What? You f**ck me and then just disappear? What do you think I am, a whore?

    ''Do we need to have this conversation in front of the help?''

    Max is my sissy slave husband, he is fine. I really like you. Please don't flick me off. I am not going to ask again. Let's have another date next week, ok?

    ''Zoe, you are a beautiful, sexy woman. Let's part friends, ok? I can't stand the thought of a sissy creep licking and kissing your feet and being allowed to kiss and clean your bottom, sorry.''

    I told him to go, and I caned Max in utter anger and frustration.

    Isn't that typical of men? Have what they want and then leave you without a second thought.

    Poor Max had to hear a man say he was a sissy creep. I can call him that but not someone else.

    I soon found another man, we are taking it slowly, but he knows about the gynarchy lifestyle, so we should be fine. His name is Twombo. He is Nigerian. He is sexy and rich.

    Next week we are going by Eurostar to Paris.


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