Taken firmly in hand

Oh dream on…

Other world kingdom Gusrdesses go a huntin
The only thing worse than not being found by Madame Sarka and Madame Jana is being found by Madame Sarka and Madame Jana.

Domestic whipping scene - ahh
That’s because women have more complicated brains and can multitask. When she’s hanging you up by your nipples – to take an example at random – you might just be thinking, ‘Oh my God, the pain, I can’t take it’ but she’s probably thinking about lots of things – what to plant in the garden, whether she really wants to meet her friends than night, all kinds of stuff.

She doesn't want to have to asshook him
She’s really doing this for you, you know.

Beaten sensible
Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.


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