Sticks and stones will break my bones

and they have done on occasion when she got a bit carried away.

But words can never hurt me.  I sometimes beg my Significant Other to think up humiliating nicknames and insults for me, but she always says she can’t think of anything more degrading she could call me than my real name.  It’s odd, because she’s very creative in other areas of BDSM.

Two dommes no chance
Best just to go with it.  If you really find it’s not what you were looking for, you can always try asking for your money back at the end.

Starvation rations
I wonder which one it was.  I guess we’ll never know. Still, he’ll have been properly whipped, and if another three got whipped as well, I’m sure it won’t have done them any lasting harm.

POV with domme
No, not down here.  Up there.

Masochism is not a syndrome
Interestingly, there’s a scale for measuring self-esteem, and it’s only since she started this programme that the theoretical prediction that it could go negative has been demonstrated in reality.
Businesswoman dominates
You thought it might be rather embarassing working in the same office as her, again.  Guess what?  It will be.

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