Adding insults to injuries

Costs extra but it’s worth it, believe me.


Try making a list of all the things you know annoy her and run through them all.  It might take a while, but you’ve got all day.





I’m good at being annoying.  Less so at having orgasms, because I don’t have as many opportunities.




Many visitors to OWK think Czech classes are pointless because the ladies just scream at you and beat you up anyway.  Which they do, obviously, but occasionally being able to plead piteously for mercy in Czech can result in slightly less pain.  Very slightly.  Sometimes.  And if the Lady in question is not actually Slovak, obviously.  But still…



You might find you get a bit irritable without coffee.  Interestingly, that can turn out to be a learning experience too.


Maybe she’ll show you what she’s put down on Governess Hardcastle’s booking form.  Or maybe she won’t and it’ll all be a surprise!  Still, at least you can be confident there won’t be any little blonde findomme princesses or tarts in latex with big tits.  Thank goodness.


0 thoughts on “Adding insults to injuries”

  1. That's quite possible, Ding, quite possible. It's hard to say for definite, though, because Mother Nature, in Her infinite wisdom, has provided many different ways of suspending male bodies from things, in a delightful variety of positions. I actually tried asking the gentleman involved, but he just went white, stared at his feet and muttered something about how 'she problem wouldn't liek him to talk to strangers' and shuffled off, limping slightly. Typical useless male… no wonder she has to deal so firmly with him.

    Best wishes


  2. Yeah, its been that way for him since high school. That was when she gave him his first wedgie. He hasn't dared to talk to strangers ever since, especially another woman.

  3. LOL…More wedgie captions would be nice actually. One where he is given a wedgie while getting fucked would be different. Another one where the big female jock athlete is also your tutor. Anytime you miss a step in your studies, or you get anything less than a B on your school work results in a beating and wedgie.

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