Kiss the boys or make them cry

 or both, even.

Nervous young husbands might want to check out Servitor’s old series ‘Seven Secrets of a Happy Marriage‘ which contains about 30 pieces of advice, each one of them as accurate and helpful as the title proclaiming there will be ‘seven’.

Women can often be oddly protective of their shoes, can’t they?  And their panties too, in my experience.  Just ask any of the women in my neighbourhood, or the judge in my court case for that matter.  There’s probably an over-protective, nurturing, nest-building sort of impulse behind it, I expect.  The neighbours I mean, not the judge – she was just doing her job, except when she made me do that little dance dressed up and frillied in front of the court.  Happy days… where was I?  Oh yes.

Fake it to make it and escape it.



Anyway, you look so cute taking little steps, with the bells hanging from your nipple clamps going jingle jingle jingle.



If you think the client in question is behaving in a humiliating way, wanking off looking at this lovely lady but not allowed to touch her or her clothing… what does that say about what you’re doing, right now?  Hmm?



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