True love’s first slap

She’s vegan because she can’t abide cruelty, except under carefully-controlled conditions.  Her blonde friend there isn’t so fastidious, so I’ve heard.


It can be quite tedious for our superiors, having to wait to let the dread build up. Thank goodness she has someone to keep her company,



There’s such a gap between language and reality, the way men talk about sex.  Like – a guy might say that he’s got something hard between his legs but I’ll bet it’s nothing like as hard as what I’ve got between mine.


For a long time, I can honestly claim I had ‘never had any complaints’ from women, sexually speaking, but then there was the shocking experience of my first date. Still, so far only one woman has ever actually told me on the basis of experience that I’m bad at sex, all the others have just played it safe.



I can’t imagine how he was expecting to get through passport control, naked with his wrists shackled behind him to a wooden bar locked around his bollocks.  I mean, he doesn’t even have proof of his posiitve PCR test.





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  1. Those high teas at the hotel are not what they used to be. Mind you vegan and vegetarian were not much of a thing then. Mind you the staff still beat the boys.

    Can't quite read the national symbols on the plane. Is is Amazonia or the Women's Republic or Femocracy? Femsup

  2. It appears to be. Don't know why he is running away. He'll be far happier there. His mistress will take good care of him and he won't get hurt as long as he does what he is told..

  3. It's just a regular flight, Femsup. Which made the 'special in-flight service' the stewardesses laid on so much more humiliating, of course.

    I agree, Ding. The males in that country are much happier – there was a survey done and 99.3% of males surveyed declared how much better their lives were then before, when they had been 'free'. You can't argue with the numbers – or the women, I understand.

    Not sure I could quite descibe what the male subject of that image is doing as 'running' exactly, though. He's going no faster than a gentle stroll, which is why they'll soon catch up.

    Best wishes both


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