More in indifference than in anger

Actually, female spiders eat their mates in only a minority of spider species and you’re in luck – the one that bit her is not from one of them.  So I’m not even sure why she’s doing this, actually, but I’m sure if you point that fact out she’ll let you go.


Actually, the company medical plan does cover males but only for a few, specified surgical procedures.




Just go with it, see where it takes you.  She’s not going to rush anything, plenty of time.


You might develop a foot fetish, eventually.  And if you can develop a fetish for doing chores too you should have a very enjoyable marriage.  Oh – and findom, too.  Yeah, you definitely want to try to get into findom because there’s going to be a lot of that.

Irony… it’s like rain on your wedding day – which actually isn’t all that ironic, it’s just bloody uncomfortable, take it from me, especially when you’re chained up naked outside the church waiting for the bride.


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  1. Is Spiderwoman pregnant or is she just shocked at the price of pork nowadays? Love your work, thanks.

  2. I suppose the company doesn't cover illness from ingestion of certain liquids and solids. They don't even cover the removal of most of males teeth it being prudent for them to only keep their incisors for pulling down underwear like tights and knickers. You know just before they are used for the other thing just metioned on which they are not covered. Femsup

  3. She's not desperately hungry, I'm glad to say, thank you for asking, Chas. She just needs a little extra sustenance from time to time. She can make just one cosily wrapped-up male last for weeks, although she has occasionally been known to give in to a night-time urge to raid the larder and binge.

    Best wishes


  4. Indeed, but I don't want anyone to get the impression it's some kind of uncaring corporate monolith. Just see their bullying policy – it's almost fifty pages long, with lots of helpful tips and how-to diagrams.

    Best wishes


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