Contumelious captions

Older husbands might start to find it hard to bend down every morning (and evening, obviously) for the greeting, but there’s a simple solution, especially after retirement – just stay on hands and knees all day.

Mock away.

If you wiggle about, he’ll probably finish quite quickly.


They know all the tricks.  Actually, occasionally the ‘clients’ aren’t faking and are genuinely unconscious, but then if they’re hung up and severely whipped, they can’t feel it and no harm done?  Right?  Well, OK, technically some harm maybe, but nothing to get bothered about.




Yup.  I was asked the other day if I’m sexually experienced and – with all due modesty – I did have to say that I thought the stain on the floor in front of my computer table could speak for itself on that particular score!  She looked suitably impressed.



0 thoughts on “Contumelious captions”

  1. That third caption though: You don't know it yet but she has already decided that it's cock-only for you from now on…

  2. You might not know it yet, true, but Colin will be giving it his all trying to give you a clue for the next five to ten minutes, so maybe the message will finally sink in.

    Many thanks for commenting.


  3. Many thanks. An interesting phrase – not one I've seen before, although the meaning is fairly self-evident.

    Well, not seen before except for in a comment a few weeks ago, but I assume that was the same Mr Anonymous. If you want to give yourself a name, to help me keep track, you'd be welcome to do so. The best people do, you know. But you can't have Bob because someone used to comment here frequently over that name…

    Best wishes


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