Sustained abjection

Thank goodness for that.  Well… thank Mistress Magda, anyway.



Tom’s looking forward to their feedback.




Or a card game.  ‘Pairs’ springs to mind, for instance.


It’s good when people feel they can share about their private life with co-workers.

Don’t worry – he’s not as bad at it.  Just bad.





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  1. LOL..Looks like Tom in the second picture is about to be thoroughly reminded of his place in the company as the women's little bitch. I'm sure this will be taken to the inth degree looking at the smirks on their faces. This is like a dream come true for them. He'll be a well used little slut, wearing frilly maid outfits and silky nighties by the end of the week.

  2. Brilliant 2nd pic and something that has crossed my mind more than once. Nice surprise mid way through as I thought when they had a long meeting they could use his mouth without needing to go to the toilets. The rooms not the relieving of themselves as that would be his prime purpose at that time. More material to fill his nappy later really. Femsup

  3. Quite right. By the end of the week, he's flouncing around the office in frillies, living the dream life of the submissive male. And they let him do that for a few weeks, at least. Then they decide he's sufficiently entrapped and it's time to put him for work for real. Oh well, he had his fun.

    Many thanks for commenting, Ding.

    Best wishes


  4. It's crossed your mind more than once to confess your fantasies to your co-workers, Femsup? Having read so many of your comments here, I suspect that would expose you to more public humiliation than either you or I could take…

    I'd try to avoid Christmas parties and other drinking occasions when your self-control might be weak, if I were you. Just saying.

    Best wishes


  5. Your second pic/caption is bob on, Servitor. Would love to be in Tom's shoes, being the little bitch serving an office full of cruel and contemptuous women. Well written!

  6. Thank you, very kind of you to say so. I do seem to have touched a nerve with this one… just imagining now all those submissive men going every day to the office with dreams of humiliating servitude at the feet of their haughty co-workers. Oh, to be sure, it seems like a wildly unrealistic fantasy – could it really happen? That people actually go to an office rather than working from home? I say: maybe.

    Best wishes


  7. Perhaps you might consider an occasional series of captions on Tom's descent into servitude? (Though I agree it's difficult to imagine a scenario in which people work together in actual offices…)

  8. I'm sure Tom can still strut all of the stuff he has, even over Zoom. And they could send laundry over, I expect.

    I believe his descent into servitude was actually almost instantaneous – it's all in the mind you know – But I might think about that.

    Best wishes


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