Stunning and entrancing

 La la la la lah la la la-lala

Maybe they’ll show you what’s in the trunk.  Although being British, I find the word ‘boot’ comes more naturally to mind when contemplating this scene.



I find my body works much better when I’m being obedient.  Less bruised, for one thing.



Wonderful to watch a creative mind at work.  In the end she just called it Unfinished Composition #1 and decided to treat the whole series as a work in progress.  They say that a work of art is perfect not when it is complete, but when there is nothing left to take away and that’s certainly her philosophy.


She’s right of course – what’s a few moments of pleasure from an unhealthy treat, compared to hours shuffling as fast as the ankle chains will allow, on the combined treadmill and electric shock device?  She doesn’t want to have to increase your daily stint on that, if she can possibly help it, does she?

Oh dear.  Let’s hope the bank hotline doesn’t keep you waiting for long.

0 thoughts on “Stunning and entrancing”

  1. Hey babe. You know you don't have to buy me or Aaron anything for Christmas. Why don't you kneel and kiss my feet. Good boy!

    Don't worry I haven't bought anything for you. When you have cooked and served and cleared away I will give you a treat.

    If you are good I will let you sleep with all my dirty nickers, ok?

    I knew you would like that.

    Now get on with worshipping my feet, good boy!

    Happy Christmas Servitor.


  2. All good and most are fabulous. It would be a crime if your owner went through with that labotomy promise. Show her the 2nd one. You never know she might want you to live longer. Femsup

  3. Happy Christmas to you too, Ms Zoe.

    I hope you get whatever your heart desires – and that your boy, too, both gives and gets whatever your heart desires.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you, Femsup

    Actually, my SO considered getting me lobotomised a few years ago – not a big deal, one way or the other but she just looked into it, you know – and decided against, because she wouldn't want me to be oblivious to the humiliation and fear she likes to inflict upon me. Which is rather sweet, I think.

    Best wishes


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